Friday, May 29, 2009

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Not a Good Idea

The Internet is abuzz about a rumored remake of Alien that Mr. Tom Rothman wants to put us through. While I do not, as a rule, object to remakes, I always wonder about things like this. Can't we remake a movie with good ideas and terrible execution instead of fucking Alien, a great movie with great ideas and great execution?

This news did give the world this paragraph, as written by Cinematical's Scott Weinberg:

Then again, there IS the old Shakespeare argument, the one that says "Hey, the Bard's plays have been remade over and over for centuries, and surely you wouldn't call Casablanca superior to King Lear, would you?" To which I would respond, "Good point. And no, Casablanca is definitely not superior to King Lear. But A L I E N certainly is."

I know what Orson Welles would say:

Mwah-haaaaaa, the Weinster!

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