Tuesday, July 6, 2021

The 1985 Retro Hollmann Awards in 2021

And the nominees for the 1985 Retro Hollmann Awards are:

Best Visual Effects

Back to the Future
Kevin Pike, special effects supervisor
Ken Ralston, supervisor of visual effects (ILM)

Greg Cannom, special alien creatures and effects
Peter Anderson, creature development / visual effects
Ken Ralston, visual effects supervisor
Mitch Suskin, visual effects production supervisor

Enemy Mine
Bob MacDonald, Jr., special effects supervisor
Don Dow, visual effects supervisor

John Gant, special effects
John Dykstra, special visual effects
Robert Shepherd, special effects producer

Young Sherlock Holmes
Stephen Norrington, animatronics supervisor
Kit West, special effects supervisor
Dennis Muren, visual effects supervisor

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Monday, July 5, 2021

Top Ten of 1985

Honorable Mentions: Fright NightMad Max Beyond Thunderdome, The Return of the Living Dead, Smooth Talk, The Trip to Bountiful, Trouble in Mind, Twice in a Lifetime, Wetherby.

And now, the Top Ten, in alphabetical order.

Monday, June 28, 2021

Oscar '85: William Hurt and Best Actor

My two all-time favorite actors are William Hurt and Vincent Price. Only one of them won an Oscar:

It was the first of a three-year streak of the Academy loving Hurt's performances, which I've discussed before in my coverage of 1986 and 1987 (linked below). You can tell that the room was with him - a semi-standing ovation, a shout of support, an incredible wave of adulation. And being that he is my favorite actor, you could perhaps assume what my take on his performance, his win, and his competition may be. But read it for yourself:

Friday, June 25, 2021

Oscar '85: Steven Spielberg, Sydney Pollack, and Best Director

The nominees for Best Director this year do not include Steven Spielberg for The Color Purple. It's a significant point, for two reasons. Number one: The Color Purple led with eleven nominations, and while Picture and Director are rarely a five-for-five deal (even these days with the expanded lineup in the former, lone directors such as Thomas Vinterberg still pop up), one would think that the most-nominated film of the year would have the director who brought it all together lauded. Number two: not only was he nominated for the Directors Guild Award - against Huston, Pollack, Weir, and Cocoon's Ron Howard - he won the damn thing. In the 38 years of the DGA Awards, Spielberg was the first to win without even being nominated for the Oscar, a "feat" that's only been accomplished twice more: Howard for Apollo 13 in 1995 and Ben Affleck for Argo in 2012. Frankly, I think the Academy's directors branch got it right: I like The Color Purple, but I think some of Spielberg's choices are to its detriment. But even if he had been nominated at the Oscars, could he have forestalled the inevitable?:

Probably not. A sweep is a sweep is a sweep. What a tough choice to make, though! Look at the contenders:

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Oscar '85: The Writing Awards

The Best Picture lineup consisted of four adaptations and one original work. All were nominated for their screenplays. Looking back, one sees the obviousness of these wins - the Best Picture juggernaut for Adapted, the lone Best Picture nominee for Original, duh!:

But I don't know that it would turn out the same way today. Maybe Witness would still be the one to beat, given its WGA Awards win, but the way campaigns and buzz run now, I can see a reality where Prizzi's Honor and The Purple Rose of Cairo come out ahead on Oscar night due to precursor support and a spreading of the wealth. Is it a reality I prefer? Find out after the jump...