Friday, August 10, 2018

The 1959 Retro Hollmann Awards, Part Three

At last, the final day of the 1959 Retro Hollmann Awards.

Make sure you check out Part One and Part Two, as well as the complete list of nominations and the Top Ten.

On with the show!

Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Ivan the Terrible, Part Two: The Boyars' Plot
Vasili Goryunov, makeup artist
2. Li'l Abner; 3. The Human Condition: No Greater Love

Yes, the greasy, matted hair and beard of Ivan is back, but there are some new looks to gawk at here. Like the massive Kris Kringle beard of one boyar, or the new goatee sprouting from the chin of Vladimir Staritsky, or the young Ivan'sMarilyn Quayle flip...

In second, the character-specific wigs and prosthetics for Li'l Abner. In third, the dirt and wounds of The Human Condition: No Greater Love.

Best Production Design, Best Actress, Best Picture - and more! After the jump, I mean...

Thursday, August 9, 2018

The 1959 Retro Hollmann Awards: Part Two

Yesterday, the 1959 Retro Hollmann Awards began with Best Costume Design, Best Actor, and more.

We continue with six more categories!

The full list of nominations here.

And now - on to Best Supporting Actor.

Best Supporting Actor

Martin Landau as Leonard
North by Northwest

2. Stephen Boyd in Ben-Hur; 3. Sô Yamamura in The Human Condition: No Greater Love; 4. Murray Hamilton in Anatomy of a Murder; 5. Joseph N. Welch in Anatomy of a Murder

When Edmond O'Brien presented the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, he called the category "the best picture-stealer". That was more or less my criteria for this win. As the faithful, coded-gay assassin Leonard, Martin Landau is eighth-billed in the credits and number one in my heart. Landau is the one who gives Leonard a motivation beyond blind obedience to a cause, not with words, but with a walk and a glance and a sneer and the right pauses in the right places. There's a reptilian menace in his physicality, lithe but dangerous. It's a scene-stealer, a movie-stealer - it's the Best Supporting Actor performance of the year.

In second, Stephen Boyd's spurned former friend, armed with superiority and a broken heart. In third, Sô Yamamura's veteran, balancing his survival skills with what he knows to be right. In fourth, Murray Hamilton's cautious and loyal bartender proves a worthy opponent for James Stewart's defense attorney. In fifth, Joseph N. Welch's folksy, occasionally befuddled judge.

After the jump: Best Director, Best Supporting Actress, Best Sound, and more.....

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The 1959 Retro Hollmann Awards: Part One

The 1959 Retro Hollmann Awards will be unveiled over a period of three days.

The full list of nominees here.

We start today with Best Costume Design.

Best Costume Design

Black Orpheus
Isabel Pons

2. Ivan the Terrible, Part Two: The Boyars' Plot; 3. Li'l Abner; 4. Some Like It Hot; 5. Imitation of Life

Everyone just looks so sexy, and that's before the party starts! The colors and designs that come out of the Carnaval costumes are the centerpieces: the veiled Eurydice, the armored (albeit in a way that still compliments his toned chest) Orfeu, the skeletal Death. It's breathtaking.

In second, the royal robes become part of the plot in Ivan the Terrible, Part Two: The Boyars' Plot. In third, the comic book colors - capital-c Costumes - in Li'l Abner. In fourth, the dresses fit for all shapes, sizes, and sexes in Some Like It Hot. In fifth, the fashionable gowns and practical housecoats of Imitation of Life.

More, including Best Actor, Best Original Song, and Best Visual Effects, after the jump....

Saturday, August 4, 2018

The 1959 Retro Hollmann Awards Nominations

The nominations for the 1959 Retro Hollmann Awards are here! 63 films screened, 27 nominated across 18 categories. The order of the presentation of categories was decided by random drawing - Best Picture is somewhere in the midst of it all.

The nominees are....after the jump.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Top Ten of 1959

Presenting, with an, "I'm sorry!" to the shoulda-coulda-woulda entrants....

The 400 Blows, The Best of EverythingImitation of Life, and North by Northwest....

...the Top Ten of 1959! In alphabetical order! After the jump....

Monday, July 30, 2018

Day Ten: Best Picture

Meant to put this up last week, but I was struck down by an illness that kept me weak and in bed. Now, finally, the grand finale of the 1959 Oscars - Best Picture of the Year!

But soft - this ain't the end of 1959 just yet. I saw 63 films from this year (going by US release dates), so you know I have a Top Ten and some Retro Hollmann Awards on the way! Many of these films, while not up for Oscar, were nominated by other awards bodies throughout 1959, so make sure you check out every single category page, from Best Actress to Best Actor to this one, for brief thoughts on those.

And now - the nominees for Best Picture....after the jump.....