Monday, April 29, 2024

Coming Attractions, 2024 Edition

Beginning May 5th, we begin a three-month marathon of retrospectives, all built around one theme: The Winner is John Ford.

John Ford holds the record for the most Academy Award wins for Best Director. We discussed his first win for 1935's The Informer, but that was just one of four for the legendary filmmaker. We're finishing the set:

Starting May 5th
1940 (Ford wins for The Grapes of Wrath)
Starting June 2nd
1941 (Ford wins for How Green Was My Valley; also Best Picture)
Starting July 1st
1952 (Ford wins for The Quiet Man)

But of course, we're not just looking at Ford and his winning films. We're looking at all the nominees of the year, as well as a good number of non-nominated ones. And these are years when the Academy was still taking shape: not just new categories coming and going, but a change in the number of nominees per category, as well as a gradual warming towards international cinema.

Again, it begins May 5th.

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Sunday, April 28, 2024

Year-ish Ahead: The 97th Academy Awards

Usually like to do these earlier in the month, but that's not what happened.

Last year, my April predictions for the 96th Academy Awards were my best ever, I'm pretty sure. I mean, golly, not only did I correctly predict many of the nominees, I correctly foresaw Oppenheimer's wins in Picture, Director, and Supporting Actor! I also knew The Holdovers was gonna do well, but - even to the end - I was too optimistic about Paul Giamatti's triumph. But gosh, 4/5 of the Best Actor nominees!

I don't expect to do that well again. But why not try?