Wednesday, October 1, 2008

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Blanche, She Has Problems

How many times during The Golden Girls did Blanche flirt with a man who later turned out to be...different? The blind guy, the paraplegic, the widower who's only slept with one woman--all have fallen under Blanche's spell, teaching her a lesson about perception, only to disappear from the show entirely, opening Blanche up to more rendezvous with men she is embarrassed to be seen with. At least this one allows the man to be human by being a fuck-head. "It never occurred to me you could just be a jerk in a wheelchair."

They did this on Designing Women, too. The Delta Burke character--something Sugarbaker--fell for a blind guy, and learned a lesson about not relying on her looks alone to nail a man. And she delivered a monologue with loud synth in the background. Man, Designing Women is fucking annoying when the girls are learning shit. Whatever. I've only seen five episodes, and each time it was only for Julia Sugarbaker. Lordy, I love Dixie Carter.

So, which shallow Southern belle do you prefer? Blanche Elizabeth Devereaux, nee Hollingsworth, or fucking Delta Burke?

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