Monday, September 26, 2022

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October Coming Attractions: 1946

After a brief respite, we are coming back in October with a look at the films of 1946. I don't believe I've mentioned it outright on the blog yet - though I did in an episode of Screen Drafts - but I've dedicated 2022 to years featuring a Best Picture nominee adapted from Shakespeare. In 1935, there was A Midsummer Night's Dream (which won Cinematography and Editing and was also nominated for Assistant Director); in 1936, Romeo and Juliet (also nominated for Actress, Supporting Actor, and Art Direction). 

And in 1946, we've Henry V, nominated for four Academy Awards (Picture, Actor, Art Direction - Color, Score) and the directorial debut of Laurence Olivier, who himself received an Honorary Oscar for the staggering achievement. So staggering, in fact, that...well, we'll get into it next month. Indeed, we'll get into all 36 nominated movies:

It begins Sunday, October 2nd.

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