Saturday, September 6, 2008

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Beats Butlering, I Guess

A friend of mine led me to this story from Empire, about a new vigilante movie in the works.

This vigilante film co-stars Emily Mortimer, the amazing actress from such gems as Lars and the Real Girl, David Mamet's Redbelt, and Scream 3. Matthew Vaughn, he who directed Stardust last year, is producing (is he directing as well? I don't know).

Anyway, the real story here is the star. You see, the movie is called Harry Brown. And playing the ass-kicking, name-taking titular hero is none other than....

Wait for it....


Yeah, that's right. That Michael Caine. Holy shit, my mind just exploded.

The film sees him avenging the murder of his best friend. No word yet on who that'll be, but I'm just thinking how awesome it would be if Peter O'Toole, who Michael Caine once understudied, was in this movie too. Holy shit, that would be insane.

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