Friday, September 5, 2008

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Adventures in Film School

I like how much freedom we get with these weekend projects. Sure, we only get to do 60-second, single-shot compositions, but everything else is fair game.

For instance, last week I did a film about someone losing toilet paper. This week, I did one about a girl strapping a guy to a chair, taking off his shirt, and stealing his wallet. Last week's turned out pretty well; this week's was a challenge, but hopefully editing will take care of everything.

This is a pretty game group I'm working with. Chris and Rebeca worked outside lights, and got destroyed by skeeters in the process. Stef managed the lights and stayed with me through choosing angles and shots. And Datev, sweet, unassuming Datev, agreed to play the Vixen.

Great experience. I wish I had my own DVDs of these projects. I hope I can get or make a copy somehow, but I understand the ones we submit stay with the Film School. Some pictures were taken of the last one, so maybe I can get those.

Editing's a bitch, though.

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