Tuesday, September 20, 2011

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It's Reader's Choice...

Thirty days hath September, and its days are numbered, meaning we're only a little more than a week away from the second best time of the year. Of course, I'm talking about the month of October, or as its known at my place (and coincidentally, at Final Girl)...


Yes, it's 31 days of horror movies, sometimes two or three a day, as hosted by my roommate/best friend and myself. We've been keeping it going since Freshman year of college, making this the Fifth Annual and our first in Los Angeles. The beautiful thing is that our daily horror intake won't just be relegated to Netflix and our own collections; this city has the market cornered on revival houses and specialty theaters, and you better believe they've got some thrills in store for us! Then, of course, there are new releases like The Skin I Live In and the "prequel" to The Thing starring the beautiful Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

And, naturally, it means four new Casting Coups. And this time, friends, I'm involving you. Ya see, I know what three of my subjects will be, and I've got the posts ready to go: Carrie, The Exorcist and Dracula (from the 1931 film, not the novel or other versions). But while searching for a fourth to do, I figured I'll keep it interesting.

I'm going to watch a movie I've never seen before, review it, and cast it. What's more...I'll let you decide what it's going to be! From now until September 30, you have the opportunity to decide a Shocktoberfest film and a Casting Coup Tuesdays entry. You are the decider! And because I love keeping y'all in suspense, I'll make it the last coup on the month, October 25th.

Let your voice be heard and the blood be shed:


TomS said...

I voted for "Rosemary's Baby" so that you will finally watch it, Walter. It may be difficult to imagine why this film so terrified audiences back then, but it still holds up a a great exercise in suspense. I think a lot of it has to do with what is left to one's imagination.

Best to go into it "cold", without knowing too much about it.

I think it's already perfectly cast....but it will be cool to see what you will do to update it....

Andrew K. said...

Yeah, I voted for Rosemary's Baby too - Ruth Gordon is fantastic.