Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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Owlets Then, No Owlets Now...

The Kid in the Front Row has begun a little game that Andrew R tagged me in. The rules, such as they are, are thus: The Kid gives a first sentence and a last sentence. Then each tagged writer writes a new sentence and tags someone else. It's just that easy!

1. Jane never expected to visit Belarus, but it was the only possible solution after what had happened.

2. Her lonely planet guide had advised her that it was a great place for birdwatching- so she packed her binoculars- Todd would have been proud, had he not been lying in a coma.

3. Poor Todd; Jane remembered the incident so well: he had spotted a rare long-whiskered owlet, had ran out into the street to snap a photo, and had thusly been hit by an ice cream truck.

4. Except the ice cream truck was actually a roasted salmon!

5. Upon seeing this strange occurance, a Portuguese fisherman who happened to be standing on the other side of the street (and who was also, coincidentally, the resident expert on salmon) ran to scene and called 911, prompting Todd's speedy - albeit smelly - rescue.

6. Naturally, Jane was distraught over the entire salmon/ice-cream truck affair , moreover considering that she was the one who had wanted the photo of that owlet; they were both avid birdwatchers, but she was particularly fond of the owlet.

7. She had gone off owlets since then, and as she checked into the little hotel by the river, she wondered if she could find solace in the azure tit, a beautiful bird that, while easily spotted and hardly rare, at least had a name that sometimes made her giggle.























30. The three of them left as quickly as they could and vowed never to return again, especially if Jane was in town. 

Of course, I must tag TomS, a lover of both birds and the written word. Of course, I guess we all are, seeing as how this is a...ROUND ROBIN story! Hyuk-hyuk!

...I apologize.


Andrew K. said...

Ha. I like your addition, and it made me giggle.

The Kid In The Front Row said...

Do you have personal contact with the blogger you tagged? If they're not responsive, it might be good to move the baton on to someone else -- I want to keep the energy moving!!

TomS said...

TO The Kid in the Front Row....I sent a personal note to Walter....It's not his fault if I have been somewhat busy...I can come up with something by Friday...and I apologize ifd that spoils the momentum...if that's too long for you, then I will graciously decline....

Simon said...

I feel bad for the salmon thing now.

The Kid In The Front Row said...

Hey Tom, it's cool.. I wasn't faulting anybody, it's all just a bit of fun, and I know we all have lives outside of blogging! Just trying to keep the momentum going.. I look forward to your entry! :)

TomS said...

Whew! Done....Got up early to fulfill my mission..again, sorry it took so long....

TomS said...

By the way Walter, nice sentence...Virginia Woolf would be proud...

Andrew K. said...

Well your sentence made me giggle.

(Andrew K not R.)