Saturday, April 9, 2016

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Coming in May

It's been too quiet for too long (not counting my And Then There Were None casting which you should take a peek at). Fret not -- we're back in business starting in May!

Throughout the month, we're traveling back to the 80s for a retrospective of the 1983 Oscars! Followed, of course, by own picks of the year, at the Retro Hollmann Awards.

The fun begins May 2nd.

Casting Coup Tuesdays will also return that month, as I re-cast all five 1983 Best Picture nominees! Join me, won't you?

May 3rd
The Big Chill

May 10th
The Dresser

May 17th
The Right Stuff

May 24th
Tender Mercies

May 31st
Terms of Endearment

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