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The 2018 Hollmann Awards: Part Two

The rest of the 2018 Hollmann Awards! For full context, make sure to take a look at my Top Ten, the nominees, and the first half of the awards.

Best Adapted Screenplay
Sebastián Lelio & Rebecca Lenkiewicz
adapted from the novel by Naomi Alderman

2. Little Forest; 3. Can You Ever Forgive Me?; 4. First Man; 5. The Wife

You hear the pitch about lesbians in an Orthodox Jewish community and you know - you just know - this is going to be a preaching-to-the-choir critique against religion's stamping out of individuality! And certainly that's true...for one character. For another character, religion and faith offers clarity, security, a community - going against its tenets goes against all of that. For still another, the two sides are difficult to reconcile, but she tries. Open to everything, understanding - and breathtakingly accurate in its lustful abandon.

In second, Little Forest's instructive, romantic journey across the past and present. In third, Can You Ever Forgive Me?'s empathy and sardonic humor. In fourth, First Man's elegy. In fifth, The Wife's gradual unraveling.

After the jump: Best Supporting Actress, Best Original Song, Best Picture, and more....

Best Actor

 Ethan Hawke as Ernst Toller
First Reformed

2. Ryan Gosling in First Man; 3. Yoo Ah-In in Burning; 4. Robert Redford in The Old Man & the Gun; 5. Jonathan Pryce in The Wife

A full portrayal of a man who can only see his own struggle of the soul - so much so that when he sees a fellow sufferer, he adopts their worries as his own. Hawke's anguished face is hard to watch sometimes, so raw in its palpable pain, so un-self-aware even as he thinks he's coming to clarity. He's also a perfect fit for Schrader's dark sense of humor.

In second, Gosling's inner grief. In third, Yoo's blank sleuthing. In fourth, Redford's charming bank robber. In fifth, Pryce's sincere blowhard.

Best Visual Effects

Paddington 2
Matthew Beckwith / Matt Loader, special effects supervisors
Rupert Davies / Andy Kind / Peter McDonald / Carlos Monzon / Glen Pratt, visual effects supervisors

2. Annihilation; 3. First Man; 4. Solo: A Star Wars Story; 5. Ant-Man and the Wasp 

We can't believe Paddington 2 if we don't believe Paddington. It's not just Ben Whishaw's lovely voice - that bear is a living, breathing, talking cutie. I'm convinced! I've seen him wet, I've seen him shave someone's head, I've seen him stand in court, I've seen his eyes accept death! Add to that his Aunt Lucy and their pop-up book trip through London...I believe Paddington is real. And so I believe Paddington 2.

In second, the shimmer and mutations of Annihilation. In third, the practical effects of space travel in First Man. In fourth, the aliens and droids of Solo: A Star Wars Story. In fifth, the large and the small in Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Best Cinematography

1. First Man
Linus Sandgren

2. The Other Side of the Wind
Gary Graver

3. Mandy
Benjamin Loeb

4. Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum
Yoon Byung-Ho

 5. A Bread Factory
Frank Barrera

Best Original Song
(in order of preference)
1. "Warrior" from A Wrinkle in Time
music and lyrics by Chloe Bailey and Halle Bailey

2. "Suspirium" from Suspiria
music and lyrics by Thom Yorke

3. "Canção de Travessia" from Good Manners
music by Marco Dutra and Gustavo Garbato
lyrics by Marco Dutra and Juliana Rojas

4. "Can You Imagine That" from Mary Poppins Returns
music by Marc Shaiman
lyrics by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman 

5. "Nowhere to Go but Up" from Mary Poppins Returns
music by Marc Shaiman
lyrics by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman

Best Supporting Actress
Sakura Andô as Nobuyo Shibata

2. Ingrid Caven in Suspiria; 3. Angela Winkler in Suspiria; 4. Michelle Yeoh in Crazy Rich Asians; 5. Sissy Spacek in The Old Man & the Gun

In a strong ensemble that easily navigates tonal shifts, Andô is the standout as the mother figure - unrefined, warm, exhausted, hilarious. She can get into mischief, provide a comforting word or shoulder, but she also seems to be the only one with clarity, waiting for the inevitable. Andô's perfect in summoning our sympathies, but never our pity.

In second, Caven's delicious house-mother witch. In third, Winkler's confident, chuckling lieutenant. In fourth, Yeoh's protective, embattled momma. In fifth, Spacek's warmth and beauty.

Best Sound
First Man
Phil Barrie / Lee Gilmore / Nia Hansen / Greg ten Bosch, sound effects editor
Mia Iatrou Morgan, supervising sound editor
Ai-Ling Lee, re-recording mixer / sound designer / supervising sound editor
Frank A. Montaño / Jon Taylor, re-recording mixers

2. Annihilation; 3. Roma; 4. Suspiria; 5. Solo: A Star Wars Story

Great throughout, of course, but the Apollo 1 tragedy is a perfect encapsulation of the soundscape of this film: the chaos of the shouting and flames in the cockpit; the calmed but no less confusing chatter of the White House; that simple, gutting *thunk* of the door caving in which, from outside, is the only sound of death you'd hear.

In second, Annihilation and those gnarly sounds of the beasts and entities in the Shimmer. In third, Roma and its total sonic experience. In fourth, Suspiria and its blend of music and body horror. In fifth, Solo: A Star Wars Story with the specific sounds of robotic revolution, alien card games, and Solo subterfuge.

Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Mark Coulier, prosthetics makeup designer

2. All is True; 3. The Favourite; 4. Believer; 5. Vice

Yes, yes, Suspiria transformed Tilda Swinton into an old man, gave her enviable Rapunzel locks, and introduced the rotting toad of Markos. The horrors also came in living bodies drained of lifeforce, half-formed creatures, and the protruding bones and black bruises of a body torn asunder from inside. But also! Stage makeup!

In second, All is True resurrects Shakespeare and other Elizabethan figures. In third, The Favourite serves us royal ghastliness. In fourth, Believer's crazy-coiffed, heavily-tatted ensemble gets murdered - a lot! In fifth, Vice turns movie stars into political figures.

Best Motion Picture of the Year
A Bread Factory
Daryl Freimark / Matt Miller / Patrick Wang, producers
2. Disobedience; 3. First Man; 4. Suspiria; 5. Little Forest
6. The Spy Gone North; 7. First Reformed; 8. Burning; 9. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse; 10. The Wife 

This will be an everlasting love. I just know it.

There it is! That final tally, for those who want to know: Five awards went to A Bread Factory; three for First Man; two for DisobediencePaddington 2 and Suspiria; one each for First Reformed, If Beale Street Could Talk, Shoplifters and A Wrinkle in Time.

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