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The 2022 Hollmann Awards, Part Three

The last six categories of the 2022 Hollmann Awards. If you haven't already, you'll want to catch up with the previous two parts, as well as the full nominees and my Top Ten. And after you've done that, come right back here and continue to scroll - this is the Grand Finale:

Best Production Design

Decision to Leave
Ryu Seong-hie, production design

The most obvious, of course, are the way the mountains in her wallpaper and the cover of her journal are identical, referencing the mountains that become such a huge narrative point (not just the first crime scene, but the snow-covered crags that become essential to the central relationship) - backgrounds which, by the way, share a color scheme with the pool tiles of the second crime scene, linking the two together aesthetically. I love the main floor of police department, looking like any other boring office job with its cubicles and cramped offices, and I love the interrogation room with its reflective black table and mirrors reflecting endless images, less a place for criminal inquiry than it is a romantic private dining room. Ryu and director Park never miss a detail, do they?

2. Babylon
Florencia Martin, production design
Eric Sundahl, supervising art direction
Anthony Carlino, set decoration
From the isolated fuck-mansion in the mountains to the labyrinth of nightmares beneath the city, the diorama sets operating side-by-side in the desert to the big flats held within huge soundstages on a studio lot, Sidney Palmer's opulent new home to the Count's decrepit studio - the highs and lows of Hollywood.

3. Please Baby Please
Bette Adams, production design
Elizabeth Goldsby / Alana Mueller / Chas Schroeder, art direction
A cozy boho apartment, a dangerously sexy dive bar, a blue-blooded modern home - all purposefully "sets" on which to act out dramas of desire and self-expression.

4. Glass Onion
Rick Heinrichs, production design
Andrew Bennett, supervising art direction
Elli Griff, set decoration
Is this house gorgeous, hideous, tacky, or a dream? Every angle, a new opinion, indicative of its owner's slipshod, superficial tastes.

5. The Menu
Ethan Tobman, production design
Lindsey Moran, art direction
Gretchen Gattuso, set decoration
Cold and empty, unable to even pretend to suggest warnth despite the beautiful view of the sea and the rustic buildings that share the island with the main restaurant.

Best Score

1. Babylon
Justin Hurwitz
2. The Bob's Burgers Movie
Tim Davies
3. Inu-Oh
Yoshihide Ôtomo
4. Death on the Nile
Patrick Doyle
5. The Batman
Michael Giacchino

Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Terrifier 2
Jackie Hughes, makeup artist
Alana Rose, special makeup effects artist
2. Babylon (Arjen Tuiten / Heba Thorisdottir / Jaime Leigh McIntosh); 3. Please Baby Please (Laramie Glen / Ledora Francis); 4. Everything Everywhere All At Once (Michelle Chung / Anissa Salazar / Bonnie Ephraim / Hiro Yada); 5. The Northman (Sacha Carter / Stefania Pellegrini / Maralyn Sherman / David White)

Not just the amount of gore, but the nature of the violence depicted is genuinely disturbing: getting scalped with scissors, being slowly carved piece by piece while struggling to stay alive, acid in the face, decapitation, flaying, a shotgun blast to the face...grisly, grotesque. On top of all that, the character makeup for both the Pale Girl and Art the Clown is the stuff of nightmares.

Best Supporting Actress

Kerry Condon as Siobhán Súilleabháin
The Banshees of Inisherin
2. Nicole Kidman in The Northman; 3. Sheila McCarthy in Women Talking; 4. Rachel Sennott in Bodies Bodies Bodies; 5. Sheila Atim in The Woman King

Since I first saw Banshees back in October, Condon's had this, a great depiction of a sibling and a villager who's coming to terms with just what she owes to this community. She sees the rut everyone is in, tries to pull her brother out, tries to smack sense into the others, and when she sees a way out...she looks guilty, sure about leaving but uncertain about leaving Pádraic behind. Is that why she's so tender with Dominic: she sees that he, too, is actually trying to find something better for himself, doing something about it?

Best Supporting Actor
Ke Huy Quan as Waymond Wang
Everything Everywhere All At Once
2. Cole Escola in Please Baby Please; 3. Brendan Gleeson in The Banshees of Inisherin; 4. Justin H. Min in After Yang; 5. Ethan Hawke in The Black Phone

This was tough because Escola's mid-film solo had me levitating, such a raw and cutting moment it was. Plus their performance as Billy is so magnificently mean. But Quan offers variations on a single man who still has the same soul: the optimistic and playful Waymond, the tough and capable Alpha Waymond, the reserved and hopeful CEO Waymond, all basically decent people who believe in Evelyn and the possibility of a greater good. As convincing a fighter as he is a non-fighter ("such a weak body" Alpha Waymond complain of his "regular" counterpart), as smoldering as he is nerdy, as moving as he is funny.

Best Motion Picture of the Year
Please Baby Please
produced by Gül Karakiz / Rob Paris / Mike Witherill
2. Everything Everywhere All At Once; 3. Tár; 4. The Eternal Daughter; 5. Inu-Oh
6. The Banshees of Inisherin; 7. The Fabelmans; 8. Avatar: The Way of Water; 9. Bodies Bodies Bodies; 10. The Bob's Burgers Movie

There it is! I watched 97 movies, nominated 31, and awarded 10. Please Baby Please takes home the top prize plus four others, including Best Director and Best Actress!

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