Tuesday, June 20, 2023

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July Coming Attractions: 1948

It's been a while since my last retrospective (the films of 1946). Let's get back into it!

Starting July 2nd, I'll dive into the Academy Award-nominated films of 1948. This is the year of Hamlet, the only Shakespeare adaptation to win Best Picture. It's also the year of The Snake Pit, a film whose popularity helped bring about reforms in mental health care; Johnny Belinda, featuring the first (and only?) film of the sound era whose Best Actress Oscar winner uttered not a word; Treasure of the Sierra Madre, with its iconic lines ("We don't need no badges") and iconic characters; and The Red Shoes, whose breakdown-via-ballet narrative influenced many a film thereafter.

But, of course, there were several other films besides the Best Picture nominees. Here's what we'll be looking at:

These 32 films, plus a handful of other films released in the US in 1948, will all be discussed. It all starts July 2nd!

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