Friday, August 15, 2008

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Harry Potter and the Delayed Release

If you've seen the new Harry Potter teaser and trailer, then you know that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is coming out in November. In fact, they even stress that it's coming out THIS YEAR.

Except that they're a bunch of liars, and the release date has been pushed back to July 2009. Last year's WGA strike apparently cost the Summer its blockbusters, so Warner Brothers opted to put its other mega-successful franchise in the slot occupied this year by The Dark Knight.

This comes right on the heels of February '09 release Valkyrie being pushed forward to December '08. They just keep playing Musical Release over at the studios.

My question is this: will the Harry Potter theme park be open by then? And how big of an effect will that have on the movie's take?


Unknown said...

More news: Twilight was moved up to Nov 21st, HP's original release date. I hate all things Stephanie Meyer right now.

V said...

See, I heard it was because Harry's how's-your-mother is on Broadway, and even though the dingle dangled in London earlier, Hollywood execs get nervous when nudity hits the U.S.