Friday, June 12, 2009

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Comments Roundup!

This week (6/5/09 - 6/12/09), here's what you had to say!

From Ben Mekler: Chewy [Chiwetel Ejiofor] for president. I swear we've talked about him for Bond before, right? Otherwise, he is also who I've secretly been picturing in my head as Bond since Melinda and Melinda.

Why yes, Ben, we have indeed! I believe we want Chewy for everything under the sun! Or the moon, too! Melinda and Melinda was severely disappointing!

From Amanda: Chewy and I are deeply in love. Can he join the cast of SBG?

Sure! What is that?

From Caleb: You realize Chewy and [Sophie] Okonedo played a married couple in Tsunami: The Aftermath... right?

No! But if they had chemistry, then once again I have done well!

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Unknown said...

SBG is our highly-anticipated upcoming movie starring Omar Epps and Idris Elba, of course!