Friday, June 26, 2009

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Easy Virtue

Just commented on The Film Experience with the following:

"I am so in love with Easy Virtue that I'm planning on seeing it for a third time this weekend. I don't feel bad about this because Cheri hasn't opened here yet. Colin Firth is absolutely fantastic, Kristin Scott Thomas is her usually stellar self, but the real surprise is the engaging turn by Jessica Biel. God, what a movie."

I could go on and say that the soundtrack is incredible, making the insane but awesome decision to do 1920s riffs on songs like "Car Wash" and "Sex Bomb". That the costumes are absolutely beautiful. That Biel may have found her niche in period comedies. That most of the protagonists are bereft of stereotype or caricature. That it can be just as sad as it is hilarious. I could say all of that and feel a clear conscience.

Stephan Elliot is an odd director, though. So in love with reflections, one could play a drinking game with it. And get trashed within a half-hour. Yet it somehow manages to work.

Go see it. Today, tomorrow, next week. That's not an "or", that's an "and". It's just that good.

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