Thursday, June 9, 2011

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Greatness Never Ages

I'm greatly anticipating the final Harry Potter film, but I wouldn't say I'm foaming at the mouth. Still, this is pretty bad-ass, and I want this poster:

She's so fucking cool.


Andrew K. said...

I picked up the final HP book yesterday and it realised it wasn't as brilliant as I thought (only very, very good just not excellent) and I'm really hoping they let McGonnagal have her time to shine at the end of the series. (Most of all I want to see Julie Waters and HBC battle it out. I'm a hopeless (if somewhat silent) fanboy.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

I hate they're keeping the epilogue. JK rarely pandered for the sake of pandering, but that stupid fucking epilogue is more worthy of a fanfic than an actual novel.

Unless you liked it, in which case: to each their own.

Andrew K. said...

The epilogue is silly tosh. Silly tosh that I can appreciate in the realm of fanfic, but silly tosh that I'd rather not see in the movie. I always thought, or someone said - I can't be sure which, that a great ending would have been Harry heading to the - now empty - Head Master's office and as all the portraits start cheering we segue into the seeing all the characters, dead and live from the first book to now, clapping. It sounds cheesy, but it'd have been better than the epilogue.