Monday, March 11, 2013

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Roundy: The Great and Powerful

So I saw Oz: The Great and Powerful last night. Thoughts on that forthcoming, but like most people, I scanned the Internet to see what others had to say, and in the comments section of Hollywood-Elsewhere, I found this little gem:

Which of course got me to thinking about Shampoo and my own Casting Coup of it, in which I finally decided on Matthew McConaughey in the Beatty role even though I was also considering Bradley Cooper, and suddenly I thought, "Geez, why didn't I think of Franco?" Because he's got that great hair and the whole casual sexy player vibe. Maybe he's too young for the role? Was that why I didn't think of him? I don't know but here got me thinking of this:

Oz -> George

Theodora -> Jill

Glinda -> Jackie, though the finale is a little different

Evanora -> Felicia, not a perfect comparison but go with me on this

China Girl -> Lorna, and I know how that sounds but it's a minor vying for his attention 
(and besides, that fanfic is gonna come up soon, you just know it (oh god, what would that even look like?))

Silliness, I know, but don't you love seeing the parallels between disparate films?

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