Sunday, April 27, 2008

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Good News

Some early word is in from a screening of Bart Got a Room, an indie teen-comedy that played at Tribeca.

Apparently, it rocks hard, at least according to Scott Feinberg (And The Winner Is...) and Lou Leminick. Lou calls it "hilarious", while Feinberg, whose comments can be found at Hollywood-Elsewhere, call it "the best surprise of the festival".

Great news. Why? Well, two reasons, really:

1. The father of the lead is played by William H. Macy, my favorite living American actor (favorite living overall goes to Michael Caine). And he has a Jewfro. Holy shit.

2. The film is set and was filmed in South Florida! Always a good thing when the old homestead can be used for films that aren't about drug trafficking. Hooray!

I really hope this gets snapped up and released within the next year. You can never have too much William H. Macy.

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