Thursday, July 17, 2008

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Emmy Nominations That Matter

Congratulations to the following things that I actually care about:

Here's to you, The Office, for receiving 8 nominations, including:
-Best Comedy Series
-Best Actor (Comedy): Steve Carell as Michael Scott, "Goodbye, Toby"
-Best Supporting Actor (Comedy): Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute, "Money"
-Outstanding Writing (Comedy): Lee Eisenberg/Gene Stupnitsky, "Dinner Party"
-Outstanding Directing (Comedy): Paul Lieberstein, "Money"
-Outstanding Directing (Comedy): Paul Feig, "Goodbye, Toby"

Keep on keeping on, Pushing Daisies, with your 12 nominations, including:
-Best Actor (Comedy): Lee Pace as Ned, "Pie-Lette"
-Best Supporting Actress (Comedy): Kristen Chenoweth as Olive Snook, "Girth"
-Outstanding Writing (Comedy): Bryan Fuller, "Pie-Lette"
-Outstanding Directing (Comedy): Barry Sonnenfeld, "Pie-Lette"

Lost, you received 7 nominations, and so I salute you. Included:
-Best Drama Series
-Best Supporting Actor (Drama): Michael Emerson as Ben, "The Shape of Things to Come"

4 nominations to Breaking Bad, one of the best shows on TV. Included:
-Best Actor (Drama): Bryan Cranston as Walter White, "Pilot"
-Oustanding Directing (Drama): Vince Gilligan, "Pilot"

And worthy applause to TV movie Recount, with 11 nominations total, including:
-Best Made-for-Television Movie
-Best Actor (TV Movie): Kevin Spacey as Ron Klain
-Best Actor (TV Movie): Tom Wilkinson as James Baker
-Best Supporting Actor (TV Movie): Denis Leary as Michael Whouley
-Best Supporting Actor (TV Movie): Bob Balaban as Ben Ginsberg
-Best Supporting Actress (TV Movie): Laura Dern as Katharine Harris
-Outstanding Directing (TV Movie): Jay Roach

-Best Supporting Actress (Comedy): Melora Hardin as Jan Levinson, The Office (Dinner Party)
-Best Supporting Actress (Comedy): Angela Kinsey as Angela, The Office (Fun Run)
-Best Supporting Actor (Drama): Naveen Andrews as Sayid, Lost (The Economist)
-Best Supporting Actor (Drama): Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond, Lost (The Constant)
-Best Guest Actress (Comedy): Amy Ryan as Holly, The Office (Goodbye Toby)

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