Monday, July 14, 2008

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Nine News

Penelope Cruz was feeling lonely. Here she was, taking on the role of the sexpot in the musical Nine, and still a mere Oscar Nominee. Everyone else on board was an Oscar Winner, which meant they were better and more important (although their movies didn't make significantly more money). How could Penny compete?

Then news came that the role of fashionista Stephanie was to be cast soon, and Penny crossed her fingers in hopes that Sienna Miller or Anne Hathaway would get the role. Why, they hadn't even been recognized by the Globes, much less the SAG or the Academy! Hooray!

Well, Stephanie is now cast. And, we hate to burst P.C.'s bubble, but the winner is a fellow Oscar Nominee. At least she's got company.

Yes, Kate Hudson, Supporting Actress Nominee for Almost Famous, will be sharing singing and dancing duties with Judi and the rest. Get excited!

By the way, does Rob Marshall just not believe in hiring anyone without an Award recognition of some sort?

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