Saturday, July 12, 2008

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Premieres! Fuck!

Premiering at Toronto...

It's one of my predix for Best Actress!

From IMDb:

"Poppy is a thirty-year old Primary School teacher in contemporary North London. She has great friends, a job she loves and a full life. The movie watches her confront the harsh realities of life and deal with them head-on, never losing her sense of humour."

I'm super-excited for this. It looks like great fun, and Sally Hawkins (Cassandra's Dream, Layer Cake) is a cutie, isn't she? Directed by Mike Leigh, Academy Award Nominee for Vera Drake (Director, Original Screenplay), Topsy-Turvy (Original Screenplay), and Secrets & Lies (Director, Original Screenplay).

And, premiering in Coral Springs next week...

The Dark Knight (#5 of my 25 Most Anticipated)

Savage Grace (#2 of my 25 Most Anticipated)

Mamma Mia! (#1 of my 25 Most Anticipated)


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Anonymous said...

I saw Savage Grace at Sundance. It will leave you feeling very very unclean.