Sunday, August 15, 2010

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I'm Reviewing Step Up 3D?

A few things you should know about Step Up 3D:

-There are four leads, two of which are on the poster. The ones that aren't are 18-year-old Adam G. Sevani (reprising his role from Step Up 2) and 17-year-old Alyson Stoner (reprising her role from Step Up). They are, apparently, the only actors who arrived on set.

-About an hour into the movie, there is a musical number set to a remix of "I Won't Dance". It's a single take, features Sevani and Stoner, and is the most charming thing I've seen since "He Loves and She Loves" from Funny Face.

-This iss the least intimidating antagonist I've seen since Michael Beck's pants in Xanadu.

-The first dance troupe our heroes go up against should have won.

-The final number at the Big Competition is jaw-droppingly amazing. Lights, choreography, it's all incredible, worth the price of admission.

-3D is a great asset, since now you get a since of depth. The dances more than benefit.

-Harry Shum Jr. is in this! You may know him as Mike "Other Asian" Chang from Glee!

-The "lead", played by Rick Malambri, is never called out for bullying other people, taking advantage of others, guilt-tripping kids, and being an overall douchebag. Least likable human being in the movie.

-Two writers are credited. I think they're exaggerating by at least three.

Overall, great fun, but I probably won't remember a lot of it by morning.


TomS said...

This one got halfway respectable reviews in Chicago, one critic going so far as to say that 3-D may revive the movie musical.
I like your reference to "Funny Face"!
I will have to see "Xanadu" now....

Unknown said...

Other Asian! I was hoping he would be in this! That almost makes me want to see it. But then I remember that Netflix exists and costs the same price for an entire month as one movie does at a Regal.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

Tom: Xanadu is a must for all who walk the Earth. And if ever there was a reason for 3D, the musical is it. Incredible!

Amanda: But...3D!