Thursday, February 26, 2009

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Across the Pond, and Holy Crap

It seems strange to think that Whatever Works is a stand-out for Woody Allen due to its use of New York as the setting (remember Manhattan?). Hell, I was sure he would stay in New York for at least another one. This is, alas, not to be, and the Woodster is returning to London for his latest, tentatively titled, "Untitled Woody Allen London Project". Catchy.

But wait wait wait. What is this? One of the kick-assiest casts ever has been lined up? Do tell!

Casting couch, indeed
Remember Hot Blonde ScarJo? Well, this time around, Woody's gotten Incredibly Beautiful and Super Talented Blonde, Academy Award Nominee Naomi Watts. I haven't been this happy about an Allen casting since Patty Clarkson's back-to-back awesomeness. I know, I know -- Whatever Works isn't out yet, but I have faith! Anyway, Naomi Watts is in a Woody Allen movie and holy shit that rocks.

Lordy, I'm gettin' the vapors!
Academy Award Nominee Josh Brolin returns for another Woody go-round! Yes, he previously had a small role in Melinda and Melinda, an experiment that I remember not being fond of. Between you, me, and the fly on the wall, I find it bizarre that out of everyone in that movie, it's Brolin who Allen gets back. I mean, we're talking about a cast that included Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Arija Bareikis. But hey, I'm a Brolin fan, so this is pretty cool.

Freida Pinto. Her first movie won Best Picture, and her second movie is by Woody Allen. Does he just watch the Oscars in search of hot young babes to cast? Penelope Cruz, Freida Pinto, Patricia Clarkson...
Please tell me he's the neurotic...
Antonio Banderas?!? Does this mean he might have a career again? Outside of Shrek? I certainly hope so. This is certainly turning out to be Woody's sexiest cast since...well, since Vicky Cristina Barcelona, which featured Latin lover Javier Bardem. Huh. Is this going to be a continuing trend?

Just as confused as I am.
Oscar Winner Sir Anthony Hopkins. The mind boggles.

For your consideration
Ok, I've read nothing that would even suggest that Patricia Clarkson is in this one, too. But I would absolutely LOVE it if she was. Please, God, if she finally gets an Oscar, let it be for Woody Allen!

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Unknown said...

I agree that Woody is trolling the Oscars for babes. And I have to say: good on ya, Woody.