Monday, May 31, 2010

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So Far, These Are So Good

The month of May is at an end, and I've finally seen enough worthy films to make a Top Ten (So Far). Check it out on the sidebar (alphabetically), or right below (in descending order of love). Some of these movies have not gotten proper reviews, and I don't know why. I'll get on that.

1. Mother
2. Blue Valentine
3. The Runaways
4. A Prophet
5. Greenberg
6. The Ghost Writer
7. Kick-Ass
8. Shutter Island
9. Iron Man 2
10. Hot Tub Time Machine


Andrew K. said...

I don't think I've gotten ten I'd profess to loving thus far. Two I'd recommend heartily (Agora and Nanny McPhee & the Big Bang) and one is technically superb but based on a book I do not love (Shutter Island). I'm looking forward to June though particularly for The Kids Are All Right.

TomS said...

I applaud your perseverance, and your views on the latest films.

I have fallen way behind on this year's offerings. On your list, i am most intrigued by "The Ghost Writer". I did, as you know, see "Greenberg", which is the only one we share so far.

By the way, I value your visits and comments, which are always thoughtful and encouraging.

Thank you for your support and friendship.


Burning Reels said...

Nice list. I'm not sure whether to rate A Prophet as '09 or '10?

Greenberg is out here (the UK) in a couple of weeks so am muchly anticipating that baby.

Danny King said...

I'm really disappointed I missed "Mother" in theaters. That is one I'll try to catch immediately once it comes out on DVD.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

Reels - I count Prophet as '10, since that's when it began its US run. I know the Oscars don't allow that rule for Foreign Films anymore, but that's just stupid.

Andrew - Agora and Nanny McPhee aren't here yet, but OMG why can't The Kids Are All Right be here now???

TomS - And thank you, for yours. You're too kind. :)

Danny - You won't regret it. A true masterpiece.