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The 1959 Retro Hollmann Awards, Part Three

At last, the final day of the 1959 Retro Hollmann Awards.

Make sure you check out Part One and Part Two, as well as the complete list of nominations and the Top Ten.

On with the show!

Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Ivan the Terrible, Part Two: The Boyars' Plot
Vasili Goryunov, makeup artist
2. Li'l Abner; 3. The Human Condition: No Greater Love

Yes, the greasy, matted hair and beard of Ivan is back, but there are some new looks to gawk at here. Like the massive Kris Kringle beard of one boyar, or the new goatee sprouting from the chin of Vladimir Staritsky, or the young Ivan'sMarilyn Quayle flip...

In second, the character-specific wigs and prosthetics for Li'l Abner. In third, the dirt and wounds of The Human Condition: No Greater Love.

Best Production Design, Best Actress, Best Picture - and more! After the jump, I mean...

Best Production Design
Vittorio Valentini, production design
Edward C. Carfagno / William A. Horning, art direction
Hugh Hunt, set decoration

2. The Human Condition: No Greater Love; 3. The Diary of Anne Frank; 4. Journey to the Center of the Earth; 5. Porgy and Bess

The audacious arena, where a statue watches over the chariots. The galley ships. The large palace of Quintus Arrius. The intimidating lead-up to meet Tiberius Caesar. The surprisingly spacious tent of Sheik Ilderim. The bathhouse. The cave where lepers dwell. Numerous and vast are the sets of Ben-Hur. An impressive scale.

In second, the offices, prison camps, mines, and comfort stations of The Human Condition. In third, the claustrophobic hiding-place of The Diary of Anne Frank. In fourth, the gargantuan mushrooms and vibrant crystals of Journey to the Center of the Earth. In fifth, the fully-realized Catfish Row of Porgy and Bess.

Best Cinematography
1. The Human Condition: No Greater Love
Yoshio Miyajima

2. Ivan the Terrible, Part Two: The Boyars' Plot
Andrei Moskvin / Eduard Tisse

3. The Magician
Gunnar Fischer

4. The Diary of Anne Frank
William C. Mellor

5. Compulsion
William C. Mellor

Best Original Screenplay

Janet Green
additional dialogue by Lukas Heller
2. Ivan the Terrible, Part Two: The Boyars' Plot; 3. The Crimson Kimono; 4. The Magician; 5. Wild Strawberries

Sapphire, like fellow nominee The Crimson Kimono, has more than murder on its mind, exploring race, class, and "passing" between both distinctions in post-war London. I mean, the mystery itself is terrific, but the characterizations are as colorful and specific as in a Farjeon novel. There's no arc or new understanding for the racists in the film, one of whom is a cop - he doesn't condone hate crimes, but he'll always think that "they" are inferior. And the killer does not consider themselves a racist - they had a completely different reason, they insist, that totally had nothing to do with color! It's all very real.

In second, the operatic poetry of Ivan the Terrible, Part Two: The Boyars' Plot. In third, the mystery-romance-racial sensitivity of The Crimson Kimono. In fourth, the occasionally flippant, occasionally somber The Magician. In fifth, the expertly-crafted Wild Strawberries.

Best Actress
Audrey Hepburn as Sister Luke
The Nun's Story

2. Carol Ohmart in House on Haunted Hill; 3. Eva Marie Saint in North by Northwest; 4. Katharine Hepburn in Suddenly, Last Summer; 5. Lana Turner in Imitation of Life

As previously stated, Hepburn "is perfect here, her fragile beauty a perfect canvas for spiritual conflict. She does not just play the honorable conflict of nurse vs. nun, dedication to others vs. dedication to God - this sister is full of pride, her conscience tormented both when she showcases her confidence in her abilities and when she goes the humbler route."

In second, Carol Ohmart's dangerously charming hostess. In third, Eva Marie Saint's delicious spy. In fourth, Katharine Hepburn's intimidating matriarch. In fifth, Lana Turner's driven, absent actress.

Best Picture of the Year
The Human Condition: No Greater Love
Shigeru Wakatsuki, producer
2. Ivan the Terrible, Part Two: The Boyars' Plot; 3. The Nun's Story; 4. Anatomy of a Murder
5. Black Orpheus; 6. The Crimson Kimono; 7. Sapphire; 8. House on Haunted Hill; 9. Li'l Abner
10. A Summer Place

And that's a wrap! 63 movies screened, 27 nominated, 10 winners.

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