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Live-blogging the SAGS


Ralph Fiennes, also snubbed, in favor of Dev Patel (WHAT??). Anne Hathaway, Rachel Getting Married (odd clip to smile at); Angelina Jolie, Changeling; Melissa Leo, Frozen River; Meryl Streep, Doubt (my least favorite moment); Kate Winslet, Revolutionary Road. Kate will win. I think. Or Anne. I think Kate.
MERYL WINS, JUST AS SHOCKED!!! AND EXCITED!!! I love Meryl, she gets a standing ovation, she smooched Ralph, she is awesome, no regrets, take it, she is amazing. I love you! And she's in slacks, and made an awards joke, and it's amazing! Meryl is the creme de la creme. Should I have nominated her? She gives the best speeches, doesn't she? Shout-out for Viola = awesome. Alice Drummond, too. Got, what a classy broad!


Can they move those teleprompters further up, please? Richard Jenkins, The Visitor; Frank Langella, Frost/Nixon; Sean Penn, Milk; Brad Pitt, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button; Mickey Rooney, The Wrestler. Everyone says Penn or Rourke. Probs. But I think Langella will get the Ruby Dee win. Not that that happens every year, but.
Sean Penn gets it. Okay, egg on my face. Standing ovation, too. He must be getting the Oscar! Dammit, keep politics DAMMIT YOU MAKE ME ANGRY SOMETIMES. Packages -- tee-hee. Good stuff, but did he just call TV actors idiots for the dog-fights? For how competitive it is? Is that what he's saying? Because....okay, weird. Maybe he means journalists?


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Doubt, Frost/Nixon, Milk, Slumdog Millionaire
Will Slumdog get it? I say Milk. Ensemble-wise, it's better. Nope, Slumdog. Okay. Whatev. Great film, it really is. But F/N and Milk had a stronger ensemble. Anil Kapoor is speaking, and is overwhelmed. This is a great moment, truly. Oh, now Freida. Whatever. PUT ANIL BACK!

Kristin Scott Thomas was snubbed, but she's doing it classy.


Josh Brolin, Milk; Robert Downey, Jr., Tropic Thunder (still thrilled about this); Philip Seymour Hoffman, Doubt (weak scene); Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight (winner); Dev Patel, Slumdog Millionaire (happy just to be here). Heath will win. That is definite. Come on!
AND IT'S TRUE! AND THEY'RE LETTING GARY OLDMAN ACCEPT! Touching, emotional moment. Gary, I hope this isn't the closest you get.
I didn't know so many actors needed glasses. Why not wear them? Taraji P. Henson is beautiful. Why do they get a trailer, and everyone else gets full scenes? I love that Benjamin Button score to death. Oh, commercial again. Already. Ok.

Hey, Ernest Borgnine! What doe she do now, anyway? I like that he's actually presenting, and not doing a tribute to himself like Mickey Rooney last year.


Laura Dern, Recount (great, and so sexy); Laura Linney, John Adams (your winner, and so sexy); Shirley MacLaine, Coco Chanel (I wanna see it, she's still sexy); Phylicia Rashad, A Raisin in the Sun (wanna see this, too); Susan Sarandon, Bernard & Doris (LORD LOOK AT HER TITS! AT LEAST WEAR A COAT). Laura gets it. Come on.
I would believe Laura Linney, Ernie. I would. This is really her first SAG Award? I'd think they would love her, at least. *Sigh* Maybe I just don't get awards ceremonies. She's engaged? DAMMIT! At least Drew's still available, right? Whoa, she has family in Georgia? So she's...Southern? Oh, Laura, could you be any more perfect?
Now that's over...AMY ADAMS AND VIOLA DAVIS! YAY! Is it me, or does Viola look better than Amy tonight? And I love Amy, so it can't be me, because I'm naturally biased. Good scene from Doubt, though. Have i been too hard on it? Nah, that can't be.


Ralph Fiennes, Bernard & Doris (what a great year he's having); Paul Giamatti, John Adams (oh, please, he will win); Kevin Spacey, Recount (i would probs choose him); Kiefer Sutherland, 24: Redemption (I didn't know that already happened...?); Tom Wilkinson, John Adams (why don't they have a supporting actor category for TV?). Paul gets it, come on. And he does, so Marisa Tomei, presenter, accepts on his behalf. At least she gets to hold one.


Titties, titties, titties. I love the way her voice purrs. But now I hear that it's the In Memoriam part of the show, so now I feel like a pig.
Charlton Heston, you will be sorely missed. Harvey Korman--worthy clips. Paul Scofield did not the applause Harvey got. Interesting. Cyd Charisse gets most so far, and I agree with that. NO, ROBERT PROSKY DIED?? I love him. Paul Benedict, too? I have to type so I don't cry. Sydney Pollack....still hurts... Isaac Hayes. Ricardo Montalban, such a loss. Bernie Mac, too soon. Too many. ESTELLE GETTY IN A GOLDEN GIRLS CLIP. YOU ARE SORELY MISSED!!! Eartha Kitt, who I was always told was immortal, so now Virginia's a liar. And finishing with the beautiful (in looks and talent) Paul Newman. Geez. So many I didn't even write here. Geez. This was sad.

I think my blog clock is on West Coast time. Hm.
Laura Dern is so pretty. I think she's a lovely, lovely woman, and her Katharine Harris was totally bangable.
God, Forest Whitaker bothers me! He always looks like he's about to cry. He always sounds like he's about to cry. Couldn't Morgan Freeman have done this? He's got a great voice, too.

Ooh, James Earl Jones. I love his Mufasa best. Yes, it's true. Even over Darth Vader. Why do all great voice actors have some sort of speech deficiency? Jones stuttered? Crazy! I feel like he could be king of the world if he wanted to. I always forget he's an Oscar nominee. I'm sure he'll get an honorary one in three years. Just wait. Oh, black presidents: James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman, Barack Obama. That's a great history. God, I love this man.
I love how he tries to calm them down. "Okay. I got something to say here. HAHA! All right. Thank you. Okay." Excellent. And saying "my beloved Richard Harris" is...sigh. Heartwarming. And quoting the Bible now, breathing life into the character = God breathing life into Adam. Love it. Nice tribute to Paul Newman. Not too long, and very eloquent. Love it.

Taye Diggs is fantastic in a bow-tie. Christina Applegate is fabulous.


Michael C. Hall, Dexter (only saw first two eps, thought eh was great); Jon Hamm, Mad Men (he's pretty manly, right?), Hugh Laurie, House (he reminds me of my girlfriend's dad); William Shatner, Boston Legal; James Spader, Boston Legal (I don't watch it). Jon Hamm will win. It's in the stars.
I should stop saying things like that. Hugh Laurie just got it--again! Christina Hendricks does not look pleased--but she does look sexy. Laurie's hilarious--"I had a hundred dollars on James Spader. It's just not my night." I hope he and Stephen Fry and Emma Thompson do something together again. But what in the world could they do? YES--he thanked craft services! Thank you!


I hope one day, I'm as charmingly lovable as John Krasinski. This is awesome. Is this supposed to be Revolutionary Road? Can they win for this?
Sally Field, Brothers and Sisters (I don't watch it, but she just said penis, and that's hot); Mariska Hargitay, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (...that was uncomfortable); Holly Hunter, Saving Grace (God, she's sexy); Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men); Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer. Kyra or Moss? Or Sally? I say Kyra, just cuz.
See, this is why I don't predict TV usually. Sally Field must be happy to finally get one after...six times??? Oh, Lord, she's talking. A lot. I know it's her moment, I shouldn't be like this. But God, two Oscars and an Emmy later, and she still just blathers on and on. No, why should I be grumpy? Let her be happy, Walter. Let her be happy.
Anyway, now Emile Hirsch, James Franco, and Josh Brolin are on, clearly representing the sexy contingent. Brolin looks like Pierce Brosnan, doesn't he? And James just can't stop doing that grin. Thank goodness. Interesting scene to choose for Milk.


Emily Blunt is so sexy-hot. They're really digging into the Drama Series this year. Wow. Boston Legal (comedy clip, of course), The Closer (another light clip), Dexter (Jimmy Smits!), House, Mad Men. I'm pretty sure Mad Men's getting it. But I was wrong before in these TV categories. In fact, all but two comedy ones. So.
OH, I'M RIGHT! YES! This show has a great score, great costume, great production design. I need to see more of it. Amanda loves it. Jon Hamm looks odd with non-60s hair. Makes me uncomfortable. Jeez, Christina Hendricks is fucking sexy.

It is eight twenty-one, and Evan Rachel Wood just came on. Susan Sarandon was just interrupted from talking to Ralph Fiennes. This better be good. AND WHOA, ERW LOOKS GREAT!
Oh, it's for Trailblazers. Because we all need a reminder. Nice cut between Sidney Poitier and Rita Moreno. Yeah, Hairspray! But as a trailblazer? Do they just mean John Travolta? LOLITA! MAUDE! EDITH! Okay, this was a good montage, albeit bizarre.
Ladies and gentlemen, remember her? Claire Danes? Kinda?


30 Rock (tee-hee Alec), Desperate Houewives (Nicolette Sheridan looks HORRIFYING!), Entourage (lord I hope the show's funnier than that), The Office (oh, Phyllis), Weeds ( that a condom? nice)
30 Rock, I know it! And I'm right! Nothing's stopping it! Nothing! And I say that because it just won in all three of its nominations. So.
Jane Krakowski has great tits. And everything else. And her ensemble is marvelous. Ooh, and what an interesting comment about Ally McBeal. Weird.
Frankie and Mikey! I hope they get a sitcom! When Michael Sheen gets old, I think he'll be one of teeth-clenchers. My favorite clip from Frost/Nixon, though. Excellent.


I never know how I feel about Greg Kinnear. I do hate As Good As It Gets.
Ooh, the first award ever went to Dianne Wiest for Bullets Over Boradway? This sits well for Penelope Cruz. Amy Adams, Doubt (My favorite); Penelope Cruz, Vicky Cristina Barcelona (I LOVE YOU, WOODY ALLEN); Viola davis, Doubt (wow, this really is a strong lineup); Taraji P. Henson, The Curious case of Benjamin Button (i hope, one day, she finally gets hers--good way); Kate Winslet, The Reader. Penelope gets it. I know it. I can feel it. It's gonna happen!
Nope, I'm wrong. Kate's got it. Maybe she'll win both categories. Don't think the Weinsteins, they screwed Daldry over. The film's a mess because of them. Well, I guess she got the award, so she can't complain, right? She was great in it, though. I'm glad Oscar nominated that and not Revolutionary Road.


It is eight o'clock.
Why does America Ferrera get a special mention for how beautiful she is? What about how beautiful Kevin bacon is?
Kate Winslet looks gorgeous.
Oh, Amy Adams. in Purple. I need you.
Laura Linney looking more beautiful than usual. Like, seriously beautiful. I kind of want to marry her.
I love the "I'm an actor" tributes. And holy crap, there's Victor "Mr. Andrews" Garber! I know he's done more, and better, but I'll always love him in Titanic. SHUT UP I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!
Best: Tom Cavanagh and Steve Carell, with Will Arnett as an honorable mention.
Ugh, Rosario. I cannot stand her.


I don't watch a lot of these. There's Christina Applegate (Samantha Who?), America Ferrera (Ugly Betty), Tina Fey (30 Rock), Mary-Louise Parker (Weeds--someone woo'd in the audience), Tracey Ullman (Tracey Ullman's State of the Union). I'm going with Tracey on this one. Come on....
Nope. Tina Fey. I don't watch any of these shows. I think I've seen one episode of 30 Rock, and one of Weeds. Oh, no, three from 30 Rock. Good job, I love her. Nice shout-out to Tracey Ullman. My roommate's gonna marry her.
Dev Patel. I like his Indian accent better. Why do they keep showing this clip? It's kind of a big spoiler.
Jon Hamm looks like Josh Brolin a little. Right? How uncomfortable is this?


Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock; Steve Carell, The Office (Great clip); David Duchovny, Californiacation; Jeremy Piven, Entourage (I don't watch the show, but he annoys me); Tony Shalhoub, Monk. Alec gets it....And I'm right!
Roomie just asked if the SAG Award is made of chocolate. If it is, I am registering immediately, on the off-chance that I will get one. But it must feel so sticky when you hold it. OMG do you think that's what actors give out at Easter?!

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