Thursday, January 8, 2009

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Them What's at the Helm

And so, the DGA announced their nominations today, finishing off the Big Guild Nominations. We've heard from SAG, PGA, WGA, and now DGA.

For those who just want to hear the damn names,

Danny Boyle, Slumdog Millionaire
David Fincher, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Ron Howard, Frost/Nixon
Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight
Gus Van Sant, Milk

All these films are nominated at the WGA. This matches up 5/5 with the PGA noms, and 4/5 with the SAG Ensemble noms. I say Fincher wins this one, and I'll only be surprised if Van Sant gets it. Well, I'll raise my eyebrows for Nolan, but then I'll nod knowingly to myself.

I have no big problem with these, either. I've yet to see Slumdog, but the other four made it to my Top Ten of 2008. That's cool.

I mean, Howard's no Demme or Kaufman, but it is the best he's done. Eh, good job.

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