Monday, March 29, 2010

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Dinner with Oscar

And now, the dishy dishes from my Oscar Party, as photographed by my beautiful girlfriend:

The Black and White Cookie Side
Two different colors, one great taste! Which is more than I can say for the film!

An Eclair
My mother wasn't keen on my ideas for An Education: bananas and/or cherries. So, when we learned that one of the guests was bringing this bunch of eclairs -- which, by the way, are absolutely my favorite edible thing on all the Earth -- I knew this wonderful British film could still have a representation! Because they go to Paris!

Fantastic Mr. Punch
My girlfriend offered this, a recipe from her cousin. It's champagne and some natural flavors: raspberries, oranges, blueberries, etc. This was the real big hit of the evening, and it was gone before Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin finished their opening dialogue.

The Hummus Locker
I can't explain it, really.

Inglorious Saurkraut [sic, but maybe on purpose?]
Sauerkraut balls, a recipe from Great-Aunt Dusty. Balls of sauerkraut which are then fried into deliciousness. They were easily the most popular food at the party.

Julie & Julia Simply Love This Pate
Surely this is self-evident. Look how delighted Meryl and Amy look.

Precious Chicken Fingers
I know what it sounds like. But she eats fried chicken, and chicken fingers were as close as we could get without completely destroying the family's diet. I also requested pig's feet, but most of the party vetoed this.

A Serious Latka [sic]
Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay
Third or fourth batch? Mom makes amazing "potato pancakes". Wish she loved the movie as much as I did.

Up with Jellybeans
So, this recipe, jellybeans on toothpicks, came from a woman's magazine my mother was reading about Oscar treats. This led to my mother wanting to try it, which led to us hosting the Oscar party. So Mom and I came up with some appetizers, Dad made the posters, and my sister puts them on standees.

Up in the Air to Get Peanuts
Like its namesake, this Oscar treat was not popular, but the party wouldn't have been complete without it.

Alas, we had no ideas when it came to Avatar, for after accidentally suggesting Hypnotiq, Mother then quickly nixed the idea. As for District 9, we just weren't going to commit to the expense of crawfish.

Any Oscar appetizers of your own you'd like to share?


TomS said...

What a clever idea! You really played it to the hilt, too!

"Avatar" suggersts a blue punch, with bright things (fruit pulp, maybe?) floating in it......

Oh well....great job. Wow, I am wondering what you served a couple years ago for There Will Be Blood, or No Country For Old Men...!

Unknown said...

holy shit this is so fuckin creative

Unknown said...

I thought about making an Avatar punch. But my punch was just so... fantastic?

I'm still mad I didn't get a chicken finger. Or a latke.

Jude said...

Poor Up in the Air. I liked it a lot, but others seem to dislike it. Immensely.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

TomS: Lord, I wish we had a party for 2007! Probably could've done steak for There Will Be Blood, though...

Nigel: Thanks! :)

Amanda: That *sounds* like the word for it...

Jude: I loved it! I cannot understand how it suddenly got so pooh-poohed!

Alex Constantin said...

haha :) so cool