Thursday, March 4, 2010

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As Long As Kate Hudson Stays Away...

So, Sony Pictures Classics has acquired US distribution rights for Woody Allen's just-completed You Will Meet a Tall, Dark Stranger, slated for release this fall. The cast includes Antonio Banderas, Naomi Watts, Anthony Hopkins, Josh Brolin, Freida Pinto and Lucy Punch. That's cool and all.

Meanwhile, however, casting has begun on his next project, and hoo-boy, what a cast.

Owen Wilson? In a Woody Allen film? This is a pairing I never would have seen coming, but God knows I'm interested. I rarely see Wilson in a movie and think, "Meh." He's a talented actor with great comic instincts, but The Royal Tenenbaums had me itching to see him in a great drama. His layering of Eli Cash was subtle and intriguing.

Marion Cotillard? Well, that makes sense. Allen seems to making his way through the Nine cast -- Lucy Punch, after all, replaced Nicole Kidman. Hopefully this means we'll soon see neurotic versions of Judi Dench and Fergie. To see the beautiful Cotillard in a movie from my favorite living director would be a dream come true.

Rachel McAdams? How did she not get into one earlier? What could this movie be about, that it has two sexy screen sirens like McAdams and Cotillard? What roles would re-team the co-stars of Wedding Crashers? You have me intrigued!

Also, there's the rumor that pop star/first lady of France Carla Bruni will be in the movie as well. She also appears in You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger, so it's possible.

Filming will take place in Paris, where Woody's wanted to make a movie for years.

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Unknown said...

lol Walterrrr.

, "As Long As Hudson Stays Away."

Funny, I said the same line, except Hudson was Monique, and the film in question was Domino.

Alas, I was so wrong. And Wronged again last year with Precious.

Yes, she's stuck doing superficial comedies (that I hate) but I still think there is something there. Something she hasn't offered yet, you know what I mean?

She just needs a good role that allows her to command the screen with humor, and then shy away from it as she gives in to emotions.

I have faith.