Monday, January 10, 2011

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Old News, But Good News

All right, here's the second-to-last Insider Precursor that I follow. Tomorrow: American Society of Cinematographers; Today: Directors Guild.

Darren Aronofsky, Black Swan
David Fincher, The Social Network
Tom Hooper, The King's Speech
Christopher Nolan, Inception
David O. Russell, The Fighter

About as expected, actually. I never believed those whispers that Russell would have a hard time getting in, and I expect him to show up at the Oscars, as well. People like him a lot more than the internet thinks. 

Aronofsky, Fincher and Hooper are safe as safe can be. I don't know why people expect Hooper to be the one left out in the cold. Have they seen The King's Speech? This isn't one of those "anyone could have directed it" royalty porn films, and it's just about the actors and screenplay. The direction and cinematography are ace, and those who think Hooper is at the fifth slot are sorely mistaken. 

No, the one that continues to surprise me, honestly, is Nolan. I like Inception, I like Nolan, but while I think all five of these films are visually striking and tonally solid, Nolan is the weakest when it comes to performances. He's solid, don't get me wrong, I love much of what the actors did with their characters, but how can you compare it to The Fighter's family dynamics, the warm friendship and in The King's Speech, the snot-nosed youth and elitist adults in The Social Network, the camp-undertone in the operatics of Black Swan?


Robert said...

I agree, I feel like Nolan is getting shooed in because of the hype for Inception and the subsequent summer hysteria that it caused. I liked Inception but I think that Nolan is the weakest of the bunch.

TomS said...

I agree with you, Walter. I mentioned to someone earlier that Nolan sems like this generation's Spielberg: he is considered cool by young enthusiasts, but is destined to remain an Oscar bridesmaid until he makes a film about a "serious" subject. If anyone is "snubbed" I think Nolan will be the one.

Unknown said...

Way happy with this list... still need to see The Fighter though. I like Nolan's work. I always find the flaws in his films, and usually quicker than other flicks. But honestly I enjoy his movies so much that those flaws actually don't negate... it's not a "I love them in spite of" kind of thing, it's more a "I love them because". Still, I agree that someone else should win. Hopefully Hooper or Aronofsky!

Nigel Maruva Chikukwa said...

Sooo i have an audition this afternoon for what could possibly be my first major role.

It's for some Canadian-produced Television Show.

I asked myself, what can I do to calm the nerves?

BLOGGING> I'm totally "creeping your silver screen" right now. Haha