Thursday, July 8, 2010

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Excellent Emmys

I shan't list all the Emmy nominees -- you can look at those here. But they got me a little more excited than usual. I don't remember the last time I actually looked forward to these. Season Three of "The Office"? The Final Season of "The West Wing"? Anywho, the best of the noms:

"Glee" for Comedy Series -- Thrilling! I'm rooting for it, of course, because I did musical theatre in high school. It' snot show choir, but I understand the mindset. It takes me back, and I recognize the struggles, the trials and tribulations...except I don't think my high school believed in keeping a societal order. Is this a midwest thing? Because I noticed most "high school hell" films take place in the midwest.

Matthew Morrison for Lead Actor in a Comedy -- His voice. Is awesome. Rap, rock, pop, Broadway, ballads...good Lord I'm jealous of this man. And his hair.

Steve Carell for Lead Actor in a Comedy -- But I'm still rooting for this guy to win. He's always great, and I think Morrison needs to work on not overplaying the same character beats. Carell can also be guilty of this, but he adds such hidden gravitas in his performance that your heart breaks, while still wanting to reach into the screen and murder him.

Edie Falco for Lead Actress in a Comedy -- I don't watch "Nurse Jackie", but I'll still root for Falco. Why? Because I have a soft spot for Edie Falco, that's why. Simple as that.

Chris Colfer for Supporting Actor in a Comedy -- Absolutely shocked me in the greatest way possible. I just did not think he'd be in for a nom, yet there he is, and I hope he wins. Colfer's Kurt is one of the best TV characters I've seen in a long time.

Jane Lynch for Supporting Actress in a Comedy -- And so is Lynch's Sue Sylvester. She better win. Lynch makes her sudden changes in character fluid and logical, and we see where all the evil and competitiveness come from. Her moments with her sister come off as more natural than exploitative or demanding of tears, and that's all thanks to Lynch. A phenomenal actress who deserves her due this year.

Matthew Fox for Lead Actor in a Drama -- Finally! Fox FTW!

Glenn Close for Lead Actress in a Drama -- I've only seen Season One of "Damages", but I'm equally in love with both Patty Hewes and Glenn Close. Hell, if she wins again, I'll be the loudest to applaud. My money's on Margulies, but my heart's with Close.

Terry O'Quinn & Michael Emerson for Supporting Actor in a Drama -- I pray for a tie.

Maggie Smith for Lead Actress in a Miniseries/TV Movie -- For Capturing Mary, a film I've yet to see. Maggie Smith is my favorite actress, though, so you get it.

Mike O'Malley for Guest Actor in a Comedy Series -- As Kurt's father, a macho mechanic who loves and accepts his son, O'Malley hit something in me. We all want that acceptance from our fathers. His performance floors me every time I watch. Win. (Also...can you believe he was on "Yes, Dear"???)

Betty White for Guest Actress in a Comedy Series -- Well, oh my God, do I even need to go into this? "Just let her stay home and lez."

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"Your hair looks like a briar patch. I keep expecting racist, animated Disney characters to pop up and start singing about living on the bayou."

Go Fox Go!