Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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So, Ok, Great - All Right Then

I've not written about Predators, though I saw it weeks ago. Let me see. Laurence Fishburne has an awesome cameo, Topher Grace is miscast, Yakuza vs. Predator fight is the best part. Also, Alice Braga says something along the lines of "Don't you see? We're the predators." One of those movies you pretty much forget about as you leave the theater. Not bad, though. Definitely on par with the original, so if that's your bag, go for it.


Unknown said...

It was all right... I dunno, if it were any summer other than this one I think I would have forgotten it existed by now. But this summer's been such a crapshoot as far as even slightly good movies go that even Predators sticks in my head. Maybe the sequel will be better? I think Robert Rodriguez should just go ahead and direct.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

A sequel? Oy. No thank you.