Friday, January 1, 2010

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The 25 Most Anticipated of 2009

And, having completed my Top 25 of 2009, what would a New Year be without one...more...list? I did a pretty good job of catching the majority of my 25 Most Anticipated of 2009, which looked like this:

The Wolf Man
Sherlock Holmes
Public Enemies
State of Play
Where the Wild Things Are
Julie & Julia
(500) Days of Summer
A Christmas Carol
The Tempest
Inglourious Basterds
My Bloody Valentine 3D
Funny People
The Informant!
Shutter Island
New York, I Love You
The Box
Monsters vs. Aliens
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Hilarious. Of these 25, three were moved to 2010 (The Wolf Man, Shutter Island, The Tempest), while six (Sherlock Holmes, Notorious, My Bloody Valentine, Duplicity, NYILY, Monsters vs. Aliens) are still unseen by me. This is especially sad since I actually have a copy of Notorious. In the end, I only saw 16 of my 25 anticipated films, which was a disappointment after managing to catch 21 of my 25 of 2008. Hopefully, I will do better in this new decade. On the plus side, three of the first ten made it to my year-end Top Ten, while six others made it to the Top 25.

It wasn't easy narrowing this down from an initial list of about 200 titles, but hopefully, these are the movies that won't disappoint.


WHEN: 2010
Daniel Barber
WRITER: Gary Young (The Tournament, The Last Drop)
STARS: Michael Caine (Jaws: The Revenge, The Dark Knight)
Emily Mortimer (
Lars and the Real Girl, Match Point)
SYNOPSIS: When his friend is murdered, Harry Brown takes justice into his own, withered hands
WHY: Michael Caine is my favorite living actor, so it's always exciting to see him in the lead, especially at 76 years old. And we so rarely get to see people of that age busting caps in people's asses, so this is pretty refreshing.
AWARDS ALERT: Michael Caine is a two-time Oscar Winner for Best Supporting Actor (Hannah and Her Sisters, The Cider House Rules)


WHEN: June 18, 2010
Lee Unkrich (Toy Story 2, Finding Nemo)
WRITER: Michael Arndt (Little Miss Sunshine)
STARS: Tom Hanks (Toy Story, Charlie Wilson's War)
Tim Allen (
The Santa Clause, Wild Hogs)
Joan Cusack (
Addams Family Values, Friends with Money)
John Ratzenberger (
House 2: The Second Story, Up)
Timothy Dalton (
Sextette, Hot Fuzz)
SYNOPSIS: The toys end up in a day care when Andy goes to college.
WHY: Well, it's the third chapter in the series that launched Pixar. Toy Story 2 was even better than the original, so hopefully this can continue the trend. It's very cool, too, to see Oscar-winner Arndt as scribe. Timothy Dalton is playing a porcupine named Mr. Pricklepants, too.
AWARDS ALERT: Michael Arndt won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay (Little Miss Sunshine).
Tom Hanks is a two-time Oscar Winner (Philadelphia, Forrest Gump).
Joan Cusack is a two-time Oscar Nominee for Best Supporting Actress (Working Girl, In & Out).
Ned Beatty is an Oscar Nominee for Best Supporting Actor (Network).
Whoopi Goldberg is an Oscar Winner Best Supporting Actress (Ghost).


WHEN: August 20, 2010
Sylvester Stallone (Rocky Balboa, Rambo)
WRITER: Dave Callaham (Doom, Horsemen) and Stallone, from a story by Callaham
STARS: Sylvester Stallone (Cop Land, Stop or My Mom Will Shoot)
Jason Statham (
Crank, In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale)
Jet Li (
Romeo Must Die, The Forbidden Kingdom)
Dolph Lundgren (
Masters of the Universe, Command Performance)
Mickey Rourke (
Angel Heart, The Informers)
SYNOPSIS: A team of mercenaries sets out to overthrow a dictator in South America.
WHY: The teaming of Stallone, Lundgren, Rourke, Li, Statham, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eric Roberts and Stone Cold Steve Austin is a historic one.
AWARDS ALERT: Sylvester Stallone earned nominations from Oscar for Best Actor (Rocky), and for Best Original Screenplay (Rocky).
Eric Roberts is an Oscar Nominee for Best Supporting Actor (
Runaway Train).
Mickey Rourke was nominated for the Oscar and won the Hollmann Award for Best Actor (
The Wrestler).


WHEN: 2010
Roman Polanski (Suspiria, Oliver Twist)
WRITER: Robert Harris (Enigma) and Polanski, from the novel by Harris
STARS: Pierce Brosnan (The Mirror Crack'd, Mamma Mia)
Ewan McGregor (
Trainspotting, Big Fish)
Tom Wilkinson (
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Batman Begins)
Olivia Williams (
Peter Pan, An Education)
Kim Cattrall (
Mannequin, Sex and the City)
SYNOPSIS: A former Prime Minister hires a ghost writer to complete his memoirs, involving the man in his sordid life.
WHY: My unhealthy obsession with James Bond leads me to see a large number of movies based solely on the fact that they feature 007 in one of the roles. This is one of them, though the political thriller aspect is enticing.
AWARDS ALERT: Tom Wilkinson is a two-time Oscar Nominee for Best Actor (In the Bedroom) and Best Supporting Actor (Michael Clayton).
Eli Wallach is a Hollmann Award Nominee for Best Supporting Actor (The Holiday).
Timothy Hutton is an Oscar Winner for Best Supporting Actor (Ordinary People).


WHEN: March 19, 2010
Atom Egoyan (Where the Truth Lies, Adoration)
WRITER: Erin Cressida Wilson (Secretary, Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus), from the film Nathalie as written and directed by Anne Fontaine
STARS: Julianne Moore (The Big Lebowski, Short Cuts)
Amanda Seyfried (
Mean Girls, Mamma Mia!)
Liam Neeson (
Love Actually, Taken)
SYNOPSIS: A wife hires a woman to seduce her husband.
WHY: These are three actors I admire, and I hear it's pretty neat. Julianne Moore is a goddess, and Amanda Seyfried isn't so bad herself.
AWARDS ALERT: Julianne Moore is a four-time Oscar Nominee for Best Actress (The End of the Affair, Far From Heaven) and Best Supporting Actress (Boogie Nights, The Hours).
Liam Neeson is an Oscar Nominee for Best Actor for Schindler's List.

20. 13

WHEN: 2010
Gela Babluani (13 Tzameti, L'heritage)
WRITER: Babluani, from his 2006 film 13 Tzameti
STARS: Mickey Rourke (9 1/2 Weeks, The Expendables)
Sam Riley (
Control, Franklyn)
Natasha Lyonne (
Everyone Says I Love You, Party Monster)
Gaby Hoffman (
Now & Then, You Can Count On Me)
Ray Winstone (
The Departed, Beowulf)
SYNOPSIS: A young man unwittingly finds himself in the midst of a Russian Roulette competition.
I saw the original my first year of college, and it was incredible. This version has the benefit of the same writer-director and a great ensemble. I liked Riley's work in Control. It's very exciting to see a reunion between Lyonne and Hoffman, who played half-sisers in Everyone Says I Love You, my second favorite film of all time.
AWARDS ALERT: In addition to Mickey Rourke...
Michael Shannon is an Oscar Nominee for Best Supporting Actor (Revolutionary Road).


WHEN: 2010
Ralph Fiennes
WRITER: John Logan (Bats, The Last Samurai), from the play by Wm. Shakespeare
STARS: Ralph Fiennes (Red Dragon, In Bruges)
Gerard Butler (
300, The Ugly Truth)
William Hurt (
The Village, Mr. Brooks)
Vanessa Redgrave (
Murder on the Orient Express, Atonement)
Eddie Marsan (
Happy-Go-Lucky, Sherlock Holmes)
SYNOPSIS: From IMDb: “A banished hero of Rome allies with a sworn enemy to take his revenge on the city.”
WHY: I am unfamiliar with this play, so that's refreshing. I enjoy Fiennes as an actor, so it will be interesting to see what he does when he has directing duties as well. And this is Butler's first real chance to show us his Acting Skills. And I really love William Hurt. Fun fact: co-star Jessica Chastain will be playing Vanessa Redgrave's role in the upcoming made-for-TV remake of Murder on the Orient Express. Fun times.
AWARDS ALERT: Ralph Fiennes is a two-time Oscar Nominee for Best Actor (The English Patient) and Best Supporting Actor (Schindler's List) and a Hollmann Award Nominee for Best Supporting Actor (The Duchess).
William Hurt is an Oscar Winner for Best Actor (Kiss of the Spider Woman).
Vanessa Redgrave is an Oscar Winner for Best Supporting Actress (Julia).


WHEN: March 26, 2010
Louis Leterrier (Unleashed/Danny the Dog, The Incredible Hulk)
WRITERS: Travis Beacham (Dog Days of Summer), Phil Hay (Crazy/Beautiful, AEon Flux) and Matt Manfredi (Bug, The Tuxedo), from the 1981 film written by Beverley Cross and directed by Desmond Davis
STARS: Sam Worthington (Terminator: Salvation, Avatar)
Ralph Fiennes (
Quiz Show, The Prince of Egypt)
Liam Neeson (
Rob Roy, Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace)
Gemma Arterton (
Quantum of Solace, St. Trinian's)
Mads Mikkelsen (
Casino Royale, After the Wedding)
SYNOPSIS: Perseus, son of Zeus, does cool shit.
WHY: Although I admire the original, it is rather lacking in, how you say, "excitement". Louis Leterrier's previous films are well-regarded action flicks, and the trailer indicates that this version will be thrills, thrills, thrills!
AWARDS ALERT: In addition to Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson...
Pete Postlethwaite is an Oscar Nominee for Best Supporting Actor (In the Name of the Father)

17. IRON MAN 2

WHEN: May 7, 2010
Jon Favreau (Elf, Zathura)
WRITER: Justin Theroux (Tropic Thunder), from the Marvel comic
STARS: Robert Downey, Jr. (Home for the Holidays, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang)
Mickey Rourke (
Body Heat, Sin City)
Sam Rockwell (
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Moon)
Gwyneth Paltrow (
The Royal Tenenbaums, Two Lovers)
Don Cheadle (
Devil in a Blue Dress, Hotel for Dogs)
SYNOPSIS: Iron Man vs. Whiplash, with ScarJo as Black Widow.
WHY: The first one was awesome. They've assembled a killer cast. ScarJo as Black Widow.
AWARDS ALERT: In addition to Mickey Rourke...
Robert Downey, Jr.
is a two-time Oscar Nominee for Best Actor (Chaplin) and Best Supporting Actor (Tropic Thunder).
Gwyneth Paltrow is an Oscar Winner for Best Actress (Shakespeare in Love).
Don Cheadle is an Oscar Nominee for Best Actor (Hotel Rwanda).
Samuel L. Jackson is an Oscar Nominee for Best Supporting Actor (Pulp Fiction) and a two-time Hollmann Award Nominee for Best Actor (Snakes on a Plane, Black Snake Moan)


WHEN: October 15, 2010
David Fincher (Fight Club, Zodiac)
WRITER: Aaron Sorkin (The American President, Charlie Wilson's War), from The Accidental Millionaires by Ben Mezrich
STARS: Jesse Eisenberg (The Squid and the Whale, Zombieland)
Justin Timberlake (
Alpha Dog, Southland Tales)
Andrew Garfield (
Lions for Lambs, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus)
Rashida Jones (
The Ten, I Love You, Man)
Brenda Song (
College Road Trip, "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody")
SYNOPSIS: The inside story of how Facebook came to be.
WHY: It's not just a prescient story that I really want to hear; it's also written by the creator of one of my favorite shows, "The West Wing". I like Eisenberg, I see potential in Timberlake, Jones is a fox and Song is an actress I want to see more of. Fincher is 5-for-5 with me (I never saw The Game).
AWARDS ALERT: David Fincher is an Oscar and Hollmann Award Nominee for Best Director (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button)


WHEN: March 19, 2010
Floria Sigismondi
STARS: Kristen Stewart (Panic Room, Twilight)
Dakota Fanning (
War of the Worlds, The Secret Life of Bees)
Alia Shawkat (
Amreeka, Whip It)
Scout Taylor-Compton (
Halloween, Charlie Wilson's War)
Michael Shannon (
8 Mile, Before the Devil Knows You're Dead)
SYNOPSIS: From Dark Horizons: "The story of the hugely influential and first successful all-girl hard rock band which began in late 1975 as a novelty act of teenaged girls performing in leather and lace. The girls ended up proving to be serious and influential musicians over the next four years."
WHY: So I can see what the big deal is with Stewart and Fanning. It's not just that, of course: the movie looks genuinely interesting, and I don't think I've even heard a Runaways song. Will this movie get me edumacated?
AWARDS ALERT: Besides Michael Shannon...
Tatum O'Neal is an Oscar Winner for Best Supporting Actress (Paper Moon)


WHEN: July 16, 2010
Christopher Nolan (Batman Begins, The Prestige)
STARS: Leonardo DiCaprio (Romeo + Juliet, Gangs of New York)
Ken Watanabe (
Memoirs of a Geisha, Batman Begins)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt (
Angels in the Outfield, GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra)
Marion Cotillard (
Big Fish, Public Enemies)
Ellen Page (
Hard Candy, Whip It!)
SYNOPSIS: Who knows? Apparently, your mind is the scene of the crime.
WHY: After Memento, Batman Begins, The Prestige and The Dark Knight, I think I can walk blindly into a Nolan movie and expect entertainment.
AWARDS ALERT: In addition to Michael Caine...
Christopher Nolan is an Oscar Nominee for Best Original Screenplay (Memento) and a Hollmann Award Nominee for Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay (The Dark Knight)
Leonardo DiCaprio is a three-time Oscar Nominee for Best Actor (The Aviator, Blood Diamond) and Best Supporting Actor (What's Eating Gilbert Grape?) and a Hollmann Award Nominee for Best Actor (The Departed)
Ken Watanabe is an Oscar Nominee for Best Supporting Actor (The Last Samurai)
Marion Cotillard is an Oscar and Hollmann Award Winner for Best Actress (La Vie en Rose)
Ellen Page is an Oscar and Hollmann Award Nominee for Best Actress (Juno)
Tom Berenger is an Oscar Nominee for Best Supporting Actor (Platoon)


WHEN: February 12, 2010
Garry Marshall (Pretty Woman, The Princess Diaries)
WRITER: Katherine Fugate (Carolina, The Prince & Me), from a story by Fugate, Abby Kohn (Never Been Kissed, He's Just Not That Into You) and Marc Silverstein (Never Been Kissed, He's Just Not That Into You)
STARS: Taylor Lautner (Sharkboy and Lava Girl in 3D, The Twilight Saga: New Moon)
Bradley Cooper (
Wedding Crashers, The Hangover)
Jessica Biel (
Ulee's Gold, Easy Virtue)
Jennifer Garner (
Daredevil, Juno)
Patrick Dempsey (
Can't Buy Me Love, Enchanted)
and many more...
SYNOPSIS: Various couples and singles intersect on the Day of Love in this ensemble rom-com in the vein of Love Actually.
WHY: Now, I like romantic-comedies, but I don't always give them a pass. Indeed, much of the time, rom-coms look pandering and awful (Leap Year). But not only does this look like an enjoyable romp by one of the masters of the's also an ensemble film. My three all-time favorite movies are Nashville, Everyone Says I Love You and Magnolia. Clearly, I'm a sucker for this sub-genre.
AWARDS ALERT: Anne Hathaway is an Oscar and Hollmann Award Nominee for Best Actress (Rachel Getting Married)
Julia Roberts is an Oscar Winner for Best Actress (Erin Brockovich)
Jamie Foxx is an Oscar Winner for Best Actor (Ray)
Queen Latifah is an Oscar Nominee for Best Supporting Actress (Chicago)
Shirley MacLaine is an Oscar Winner for Best Actress (Terms of Endearment)


WHEN: 2010
John Doyle
WRITER: Horton Foote (The Trip to Bountiful, Of Mice and Men)
STARS: Colin Firth (Love Actually, Easy Virtue)
Orlando Bloom (
Troy, Pirates of the Caribbean)
Patricia Clarkson (
Far From Heaven, Dogville)
Ellen Burstyn (
Requiem for a Dream, The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood)
Margo Martindale (
Million Dollar Baby, Paris, je t'aime)
SYNOPSIS: The arrival of a stranger changes a small town in North Carolina.
Never mind the vague premise. It's the last screenplay written by the great Horton Foote. Patty Clarkson and Colin Firth are in it. Southerners. I am in.
AWARDS ALERT: Horton Foote
is a two-time Oscar Winner for Best Adapted and Original Screenplays (To Kill a Mockingbird, Tender Mercies)
Patricia Clarkson
is an Oscar Nominee for Best Supporting Actress (Pieces of April)
Ellen Burstyn is an Oscar Winner for Best Actress (Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore)


WHEN: 2010
Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz)
WRITERS: Wright and Michael Bacall (Manic, Bookies), from the graphic novels by Bryan Lee O'Malley
STARS: Michael Cera (Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Juno)
Mary Elizabeth Winstead (
Sky High, Grindhouse)
Chris Evans (
Not Another Teen Movie, Fantastic Four)
Brandon Routh (
Superman Returns, Zack & Miri Make a Porno)
Jason Schwartzman (
Rushmore, Fantastic Mr. Fox)
SYNOPSIS: Scott Pilgrim must fight the Five Evil Exes of Ramona Flowers to earn her love.
WHY: With the last volume still to come out, I am in love with the original graphic novel. The awkwardness of courtship, the bond between friends, the sword fights, it's all relatable. Wright's previous films are illegal funny, so his involvement is exciting. And ever since Winstead's casting as the Dream Girl...oh, I'm on board.


WHEN: 2010
David O. Russell (Three Kings, I Heart Huckabees)
WRITER: Paul Attanasio (The Sum of All Fears, The Good German), Lewis Colick (October Sky, Beyond the Sea), Eric Johnson, Scott Silver (The Mod Squad, 8 Mile) and Paul Tamasy (Air Bud, Walking Across Egypt)
STARS: Mark Wahlberg (Four Brothers, The Lovely Bones)
Christian Bale (
American Psycho, The Dark Knight)
Amy Adams (
Drop Dead Gorgeous, Julie & Julia)
Melissa Leo (
The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, Everybody's Fine)
SYNOPSIS: Boxer Irish Mickey Ward's brother helps propel him to pro status.
WHY: Again, this is more an interest in the people involved than the plot. Not to knock boxing movies, of course, which are pretty cool. I just really love these actors and admire the director. Russell's really lucked out on this one, a movie he became attached to after the disaster that was Nailed.
AWARDS ALERT: Mark Wahlberg is an Oscar Nominee for Best Supporting Actor (The Departed)
Amy Adams is a two-time Oscar Nominee for Best Supporting Actress (Junebug, Doubt) and a Hollmann Award Winner for Best Supporting Actress (Doubt)
Melissa Leo is an Oscar and Hollmann Award Nominee for Best Actress (Frozen River)


WHEN: 2010
Jodie Foster (Little Man Tate, Home for the Holidays)
WRITER: Kyle Killen
STARS: Mel Gibson (Braveheart, What Women Want)
Jodie Foster (
Taxi Driver, The Brave One)
Anton Yelchin (
Star Trek, Terminator: Salvation)
Jennifer Lawrence (
The Burning Plain)
Cherry Jones (
Signs, The Village)
SYNOPSIS: A beaver hand puppet gives a depressed family man a new lease on life.
WHY: I actually got a copy of the screenplay -- I loved it. It's darkly funny and surprisingly heartwarming. I hope this means we can like Gibson again, crazy or not. I'm surprised to see Foster directing this, but that just makes me all the more excited.
AWARDS ALERT: Jodie Foster is a two-time Oscar Winner for Best Actress


WHEN: 2010
Rob Epstein (The Times of Harvey Milk, The Celluloid Closet) & Jeffrey Friedman (The Celluloid Closet)
STARS: James Franco (Spider-Man, Pineapple Express)
Mary-Louise Parker (
Bullets Over Broadway, "Weeds")
Jon Hamm ("Mad Men",
The Day the Earth Stood Still)
Jeff Daniels (
Infamous, Away We Go)
David Strathairn (
The Firm, Fracture)
SYNOPSIS: Allen Ginsberg's poem "Howl" leads to an obscenity trial.
WHY: Interesting topic, built-in awards talk, Franco finally in a leading role.
AWARDS ALERT: Rob Epstein is a two-time Oscar Winner for Best Documentary (The Times of Harvey Milk, Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt)
David Strathairn is an Oscar Nominee for Best Actor (Good Night and Good Luck)


WHEN: 2010
Michael Winterbottom (Tristram Shandy, A Mighty Heart)
WRITERS: Winterbottom and John Curran, from the novel by Jim Thompson
STARS: Casey Affleck (Drowning Mona, Gone Baby Gone)
Kate Hudson (
Dr. T and the Women, Fool's Gold)
Jessica Alba (
Never Been Kissed, Fantastic Four)
Bill Pullman (
Independence Day, The Grudge)
Ned Beatty (
Nashville, Deliverance)
SYNOPSIS: A small-town sheriff may be the perpetrator of a series of grisly murders.
WHY: I've recently gotten into film noir and pulp novels. Casey Affleck a solid actor who I want to see in more movies. This seems like an intriguing role for him, too.
AWARDS ALERT: In addition to Ned Beatty...
Casey Affleck
is an Oscar Nominee for Best Supporting Actor and a Hollmann Award Nominee for Best Actor (The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford)
Kate Hudson is an Oscar Nominee for Best Supporting Actress (Almost Famous)


WHEN: 2010
Tom Hooper (Red Dust, The Damned United)
WRITER: David Seidler (Quest for Camelot, The King and I)
STARS: Colin Firth (Then She Found Me, Mamma Mia!)
Geoffrey Rush (
Quills, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl)
Helena Bonham Carter (
Fight Club, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)
Timothy Spall (
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, The Damned United)
Guy Pearce (
Memento, The Road)
SYNOPSIS: From IMDb: "A chronicle of King George VI's effort to overcome his nervous stammer with the assistance of speech therapist Lionel Logue."
WHY: I'm a sucker for British period pieces.
AWARDS ALERT: Geoffrey Rush is an Oscar Winner for Best Actor (Shine)
Helena Bonham Carter is an Oscar Nominee for Best Actress (The Wings of the Dove)


WHEN: 2010
Robert Redford (Legends of the Fall, Lions for Lambs)
WRITER: James D. Solomon, from a story by Solomon and Gregory Bernstein
STARS: Robin Wright Penn (Beowulf, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee)
Evan Rachel Wood (
Across the Universe, The Wrestler)
James McAvoy (
Wanted, The Last Station)
Justin Long (
Dodgeball, Drag Me to Hell)
Kevin Kline (
Sophie's Choice, The Big Chill)
SYNOPSIS: Mary Serrault is put on trial for co-conspiring to assassinate Abraham Lincoln.
WHY: Period piece. Legal drama. Historical. Woman at the center.
AWARDS ALERT: In addition to Tom Wilkinson...
Kevin Kline is an Oscar Winner for Best Supporting Actor (A Fish Called Wanda)


WHEN: 2010
Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream, Pi)
WRITERS: Aronofsky and Mark Heyman
STARS: Natalie Portman (Leon, V for Vendetta)
Mila Kunis ("That '70s Show",
Forgetting Sarah Marshall)
Winona Ryder (
Edward Scissorhands, Star Trek)
Vincent Cassel (
Ocean's Twelve, Eastern Promises)
Barbara Hershey (
Hannah and Her Sisters, The Last Temptation of Christ)
SYNOPSIS: A psychological thriller between two ballerinas.
WHY: Aronofsky's last movie was 2008's The Wrestler, which I went mad for. I am convinced Winona will return in full force. There is, reportedly, a sapphic sex scene between Portman and Kunis.
AWARDS ALERT: Darren Aronofsky is a Hollmann Award Winner for Best Director (The Wrestler)
Natalie Portman is an Oscar Nominee for Best Supporting Actress (Closer)
Winona Ryder is an Oscar Nominee for Best Actress (Little Women) and Supporting Actress (The Age of Innocence)
Barbara Hershey is an Oscar Nominee for Best Supporting Actress (The Portrait of a Lady)


WHEN: February 19, 2010
Martin Scorsese (Taxi Driver, The Aviator)
WRITER: Laeta Kalogridis (Night Watch, Alexander), from the novel by Dennis Lehane
STARS: Leonardo DiCaprio (Gangs of New York, The Departed)
Mark Ruffalo (
You Can Count On Me, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)
Ben Kingsley (
Sexy Beast, Elegy)
Michelle Williams (
Synecdoche New York, I'm Not There)
Max Von Sydow (
The Seventh Seal, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly)
SYNOPSIS: Federal marshals find strange things afoot at a hospital for the criminally insane.
AWARDS ALERT: In addition to Leonardo DiCaprio and Patricia Clarkson...
Ben Kingsley is an Oscar Winner for Best Actor (Gandhi)
Michelle Williams is an Oscar Nominee for Best Supporting Actress (Brokeback Mountain)
Max Von Sydow is an Oscar Nominee for Best Actor (Pelle the Conqueror)
Jackie Earle Haley is an Oscar Nominee for Best Supporting Actor (Little Children)


WHEN: April 23, 2010
Oliver Stone (Wall Street, Nixon)
WRITERS: Allan Loeb (Things We Lost in the Fire, 21) and Stephen Schiff (Lolita, The Deep End of the Ocean), from a story by Bryan Burrough
STARS: Shia LaBeouf (Transformers, Disturbia)
Michael Douglas (
The War of the Roses, The American President)
Carey Mulligan (
An Education, Pride & Prejudice)
Josh Brolin (
No Country for Old Men, W.)
Charlie Sheen (
Wall Street, Men at Work)
SYNOPSIS: Newly paroled Gordon Gekko takes a young trader under his wing.
WHY: Count me as a fan of the original. Douglas returns as Gordon Gekko, surrounded by a cast of sexy awesome.
AWARDS ALERT: Michael Douglas is an Oscar Winner for Best Actor (Wall Street)
Josh Brolin is an Oscar Nominee for Best Supporting Actor (Milk)
Frank Langella is an Oscar Nominee for Best Actor (Frost/Nixon)
Susan Sarandon is an Oscar Winner for Best Actress (Dead Man Walking) and a two-time Hollmann Award Nominee for Best Supporting Actress (In the Valley of Elah, Speed Racer)


WHEN: November 24, 2010
Steve Antin
WRITERS: Antin, Susannah Grant (Erin Brockovich, The Soloist) and Keith Merryman
STARS: Christina Aguilera
Cher (Silkwood, Stuck on You)
Kristen Bell (Couples Retreat, Forgetting Sarah Marshall)
Stanley Tucci (Julie & Julia, The Devil Wears Prada)
Alan Cumming (Reefer Madness: The Musical, Titus)
SYNOPSIS: A small town girl joins a burlesque club in LA, run by Cher.
WHY: Cher. Burlesque. Sequins. Dance. Xtina. Kristen Bell as her rival. Cumming more or less reprising his Tony-Winning Cabaret performance. Cher.
AWARDS ALERT: Cher is an Oscar Winner for Best Actress (Moonstruck)


Unknown said...

Mr. Pricklepants? I'm in.

PS - you've never mentioned most of these.

Nigel Maruva Chikukwa said...

Is it just me, or Kristen Stewart is a mirror image of Hilary Swank.
She donnes boyish-looks and consistently approaches any role with a masculine touch...even when she tries hard to be believable as a damsel in distress (Twilight).

Hilary is well-known, or rather acclaimed for the same techniques.

Are you posting anything new sir? My college striked, and I'm surviving on blog posts to kill time....LOL