Thursday, January 21, 2010

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I Really DO Wanna Zigazig Ah!

Judy Craymer, creator and producer of the amazingly cheesy yet fucking incredible Mamma Mia!, apparently just signed a deal with the greatest band of the 90s to bring their music to the London stage. Another jukebox musical, there is no known storyline, but Viva Forever (yes, that's the title) is keeping in the spirit and humor of the original band.

And who is the band?

The mutha-effin' Spice Girls.

On the one hand, I totally wanted to be first on this. On the other...oh my God. A Spice Girls musical. This...this is Heaven. It better be amazing.

This just leaves one question: will there be a role for La Streep in the eventual movie adaptation? Or will Judi Dench have to be the celebrity in this one?


Unknown said...

that could make a fun musical actually.

Peter Chan said...

This hot mess is a total WIN. Girl Power!