Sunday, January 17, 2010

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Globe Winners!

What a fun, strange night. I could have been at my sister's wedding back home (it's also her birthday), but school kept me here. And with no reception to attend, why not watch the Globes?

Da Winnahs:

BEST PICTURE - DRAMA: Avatar. Got that wrong, but at least my shoulda, coulda and woulda.
BEST PICTURE - MUSICAL/COMEDY: The Hangover. I was dead wrong, but who saw this coming? One of the best surprises of the night, albeit one that came at the expense of three movies I loved way more.
BEST DIRECTOR: James Cameron, Avatar. Wrong again. I suck at this. But he said it himself: "I thought Kathryn was going to get it."
BEST SCREENPLAY: Up in the Air. Incorrect, but happily so. So that's what Sheldon Turner looks like.
BEST ACTOR IN A DRAMA: Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart. Ah-ha! Got that one!
BEST ACTOR IN A MUSICAL/COMEDY: Robert Downey, Jr., Sherlock Holmes. Great speech. Wrong choice. For me and the HFPA both.
BEST ACTRESS IN A DRAMA: Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side. Wrong once more. This just became a strange two-horse race.
BEST ACTRESS IN A MUSICAL/COMEDY: Meryl Streep, Julie & Julia. YES! I was right!
BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Christoph Waltz, Inglourious Basterds. Right again. I like that he themes his speeches with the award. Can't wait for that Oscar speech. "We are all naked men in gold..."
BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Mo'Nique. Damn, what a speech. Love that woman. I got it right, by the way.
BEST ANIMATED FEATURE: Up. 100% correct, but that's the usual-usual.
BEST FOREIGN FILM: The White Ribbon. Correct again.
BEST ORIGINAL SONG: "The Weary Kind" from Crazy Heart. Got that one wrong. I guess it's the front-runner now.
BEST ORIGINAL SCORE: Michael Giacchino for Up! Yay!

Only got 6/14. Less than half. I think I'm getting better at this.


TomS said...

It's fun to bet on the horse-race... Really, for me, after Mo'Nique, and Meryl, it was anticlimactic... I liked the Scorsese montage.... and the presenters and winners seemed more subdued, classy...
Check out my essay! See you on Feb 2 for Oscar nominations.

Unknown said...

Sandra might just win this Oscar.

The Academy could rule out
*Streep for being a veteran,

*Mulligan because they want to see more

* Sidibe because she only has one film to testify her talent

*and Helen Mirren because her film lost momentum.

We just have to stop sulking and be hopeful that this win will prompt her to stop making nauseating film choices. Unless of course she gets infected by whatever Cuba Gooding Jr. contracted.

Anonymous said...

Why did you not want Robert to win? Who ddi you want to win instead?

This is Allie, ps.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

TomS: Anticlimactic? With two Avatar wins? ;) It was a classy night, I liked Gervais.

Nigel: Mommy Day Care?

Allie: As cool as I am with Downey in Sherlock Holmes...come on. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Stuhlbarg, Matt Damon. Great performances for more complicated, layered characters. Downey was a great Holmes, don't get me wrong, but the other three were preferable. To me.