Saturday, January 23, 2010

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What a Fool I Was!

Five out of six right with my SAG predix.

I should've listened to my feeling about Sandra Bullock. She took home her third prize of the precursor season. It's all suspense until Oscar night. The nominees are announced February 2, but is there any doubt that she'll get in? She's ineligible for the BAFTAs and thus went un-nominated, so there's nothing there to go by. In a year that started with Mulligan vs. Streep, then Sidibe vs. Mulligan vs. Streep, then "it's an honor just to be nominated" Bullock rumors...who could have guessed that Sandra Bullock would be the one giving Meryl a run for her money? Absurd!

Otherwise, it went as expected. Inglourious Basterds won Ensemble, with Christoph Waltz getting his Supporting Actor trophy and giving another acceptance speech themed to the prize. It's an interesting trick. Mo'Nique won for Supporting Actress, and Jeff Bridges got his Actor award. Everything seems to be all sewn up.


TomS said...

Ben, I'll be re-viewing "Crazy Heart" tomorrow. I'll tip my hand to you and say that Bridges' accolades are, to me, a career recognition.... Colin Firth is my man...but will the academy honor a portrayal of a gay man two years in a row?
I would like to think that had nothing to do with it...

Nigel Maruva Chikukwa said...

I think people people forget that Sandra (like Streep) was also playing a real person.

I'd like to argue that Bullock perfectly mirrored Le Ann just as much as Streep with her interpretation of Julia Child.

She must have done a lot of work before walking onto the set, and that work deserves to be validated.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

TomS: I actually don't think the gay thing has anything to with it. Firth was even the front-runner for a time, until Crazy Heart was dropped into the mix. I hope this isn't just wishful thinking, but the days of worrying about the effect a gay role has on one's Oscar chances are over.

Nigel: And I do think Sandra Bullock has some kick-ass moments in The Blind Side. It's just feels absurd that it's a race between Bullock and Streep -- and not in a way non-deserving way, but in a whodathunkit way. I do think Streep filled in her real life character more than Bullock did, but it's just amazing that Sidibe and especially Mulligan were so quickly forgotten in this race.