Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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Patience Pays Off

I knew it would happen eventually. I knew someone would wake up and smell the talent. After one BAFTA Award nomination, two Emmy nominations, a SAG nom that is still to pay off, and two previous Golden Globe nominations, one of Hollywood's most beautiful, talented and dependable actresses finally got her due Sunday night. Oh sure, we can talk about the Hurt Locker shut-out, the fact that Avatar won Picture and Director, or that wonderful tribute to Martin Scorsese. But the real story is how one star was finally recognized for something other than Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards.

A deserved prize. Golden Globe Winner Drew Barrymore just rolls off the tongue. Next stop...


Unknown said...

"This is the best thing to wear for the day, ya understand."

That happens to be Edith's signature scene in the original documentary.

Seeing it translated accurately by Barrymore was quite the treat.

She has a lot potential, just like so many other American Sweethearts out there that sacrifice their talents by taking on generic roles.

*Kate Hudson.
*Jennifer Garner
*Jennifer Lopez (yes, she has a tiny bit of talent to throw around, she just needs the right script/director to accentuate it lool)
*Katherine Heigl..(just her movie roles).

The list goes on.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

I'm with you on the Garner and Heigl mentions. Lopez I'm "eh" on; sometimes delightful, sometimes not. Hudson...man, I don't like her. Almost Famous was a fluke.

Unknown said...

"Almost Famous" is Hudson's best work though;

Critics fell in love with her vulnerable approach to the role

That's one of her few "humanized roles"---ones in wich you had to connect with the character on a human level (kinda like with Marisa Tomei's interpretation of the stripper in "The Wrestler).

Usually she's (Hudson) just a vessel for rom-com cliches and I only really connect with her on a superficial level.

TomS said...

Good for Drew! And, by extension, I am happy for you too.

Maybe if you and I are patient enough, we will some day be called to accept our award, for screenwriting, or producing!