Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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Two, I'm Thinking of You....

Just days after the tragic passing of Patrick Swayze, we have to say goodbye to another one of the greats.

Henry Gibson, 73, passed away Monday at his home in Malibu.

Gibson is one of my favorite actors. I'll still use present-tense, though he is gone. My personal favorite performance of his is in Robert Altman's 1975 opus Nashville, in which he played high-falutin' country singer Haven Hamilton. Like the rest of the cast, Gibson penned his own songs, and his are among the best in the film, from the satirically patriotic "200 Years" to the genuinely amazing romantic ballad "One, I Love You."

His claim to fame on the Silver Screening Room, of course, is having appeared in more Casting Coups than any other actor. He's an amazingly versatile performer, as proficient in comedy as he is in drama.

Goodbye, farewell, and amen. You are already sorely missed.


Unknown said...

Poor Walter... I'll always remember him from the Disney original movie: Luck of the Irish. And Magnolia... versatile for sure.

TomS said...

I completely agree with your selection of "Nashville" as Gibson's best.
Just found your blog here and am enjoying it.....

Walter L. Hollmann said...

TomS: Holy crap, thanks! It's so cool to know that people other than fam & friends are finding and reading this! (Not that I don't appreciate fam & friends, but I make them listen to my ramblings whether they're online or not)

Caleb Strul: Still haven't seen all of Luck of the Irish, but I do remember him. But Lordy, Gibson in Magnolia is funny, sad, awesome.