Saturday, February 20, 2010

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Some May Bet on You to Win

Hannah Montana: The Movie managed to make it to both my Top 25 of 2009 and The Hollmann Awards. While my review talked up the performances, direction, even the script, only one element made it to my nominees: the music. Which is fitting, since the movie is all about music sensation Hannah Montana, played by the underestimated Miley Cyrus.

If an original song is meant to reflect the gist of the film, than surely "Back to Tennessee" is a better statement of what Hannah Montana is all about than "The Climb". Naturally, it's sung by Billy Ray instead of Miley, so I understand why the second one got more airtime. But "Back to Tennessee" is the best song in the movie, and even though we only hear a snippet of it in the film itself, it stayed with me enough that I had to get the soundtrack just to hear it over and over again.

After all, the plot of the movie revolves around Miley's family going back to Tennessee to escape the superficial trappings of Hollywood. Appropriately enough, the lyrics reflect a desire to return to roots in Tennessee, escaping the shiny, shallow riches of the city. It's the plot of the movie, only seen through the eyes of the father rather than the daughter. And it's surprisingly beautiful.

Great big towns so full of users
Make a million, still a loser
Some may bet on you to win
Most hope you won't

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