Sunday, February 21, 2010

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The Write Stuff

And your winners for this year's WGA Awards are:

In original screenplay, beating out (500) Days of Summer, Avatar, The Hangover and A Serious Man.....MARK BOAL FOR THE HURT LOCKER!!!

It is as I predicted. The Hurt Locker has now won the prize at all guilds save SAG. People do realize it's been the frontrunner to win Best Picture for, like, ever, right? And if they didn't before, they should now. I would predict it to win the Oscar in this category too, were it not for the pesky presence of Inglourious Basterds, which was deemed ineligible for the WGA.

In adapted screenplay, beating out Crazy Heart, Julie & Julia, Precious and Star Trek....JASON REITMAN AND SHELDON TURNER FOR UP IN THE AIR!!!

Again, as I expected. This ain't rocket surgery. Up in the Air will win at the Oscars, too, as a strange sort of consolation prize for not awarding Clooney, the actresses, or Reitman's director persona. Or Picture. Anyway, this one it has in the bag.

Just two weeks until The Big Night!

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