Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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Casting Coup Month: Soooon!

Only 26 more days until the Oscars! And if you're a frequent reader, you know what that means: Casting Coup Month! Starting Monday, each weekday will offer a new Casting Coup, all the way up to the Friday before the ceremony. The running theme: they're all re-casts of Oscar Winners. As always, I would love it if any and all of you wished to participate with casting ideas of your own, whether in the comments or on your own blog (which I'll link to, of course!).

The group for Week One:

Grand Hotel

On the Waterfront 

The Ten Commandments 

Elmer Gantry 

Forrest Gump
(as seen on Andrew's LAMB Casting Series)

1 comment:

TomS said...

Yeah! Looking forward to the new casting efforts. You have some big roles to fill...Moses...Terry Malloy...Forrest... I will have to go back and watch Grand Hotel again!!