Friday, November 1, 2019

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Give Thanks...

...because the Retrospectives are back! Starting Monday, we're looking at the Academy Awards honoring the films of 1954! 

I have to thank Screen Drafts and hosts Clay Keller and Ryan Marker for inspiring this one. My best friend and I recently guest-starred to draft the seven greatest original American musicals of all time (reactions run the gamut from "I think this is my favorite episode" to "this is objectively wrong and bizarre"). The viewings introduced me to, among others, 1954 releases There's No Business Like Show BusinessSeven Brides for Seven Brothers and A Star is Born - and from there, I simply had to see the rest of the slate.

As in the past, each weekday covers an individual category, ranking and rating the nominees and deciding who my vote goes to. This time, I shan't be doing categories where I have not seen the full roster of nominees - I've previously abstained from rating a film I didn't get to, but it feels unfair to decide a "winner" when there's a gap. So, sorry, Motion Picture Story - unless I can find a copy of Bread, Love and Dreams in time, you shall have to sit this one out. I'm also not doing every category (though I will for my Retro Hollmann Awards at month's end), but keeping it to writing Awards, Acting Awards, Music Awards, Director and Picture.

November 4th - 8th covers, in this order: Director, Screenplay, Song, Supporting Actress, and Actor. The nominated films are:

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