Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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Satin on My Shoulders, Mahogany on My iTunes: Original Song, 1975

The nominees for Best Original Song:

"How Lucky Can You Get" from Funny Lady

Fun little tune whose single almost makes one forget that it's actually a dark number, where Fanny Brice retreats into a song about all the advantages she has after her ex-husband announces his engagement. Catchy in either context, though.

"Mahogany's Theme (Do You Know Where You're Going To)" from Mahogany
The song and its variants play throughout the film, as Mahogany pursues her dreams of being a lauded designer while also pushing away the man she loves. So of course the song is pertinent to the film overall: while Mahogany may have these dreams and fantasies, does she really know what she wants, or what she's willing to sacrifice? Does she know where she's going to?

"I'm Easy" from Nashville

One of the most beautiful songs ever written, in which Keith Carradine's caddish Tom shows some tenderness as he secretly sings to Lily Tomlin's married choir-leader Linnea. It's one of the most famous parts of the film, as each of Tom's other paramours think they are the target of his lyrics...until they follow his eyes. What woman could possibly resist hearing, "Take my hand and pull me down/I won't put up any fight/'Cuz I'm easy"? Bonus points for being the sole representative of Nashville's twelve original songs.

"Richard's Window" from The Other Side of the Mountain

Tender love song from the film about Olympic skiing hopeful Jill Kinmont, who was paralyzed after a fall down a mountain during the Snow Cup competition. The movie follows her recovery, but of course the draw is the romance between Jill and daredevil Dick Buick...or Richard. Like the movie, the song is a little hokey, a bit much, but oddly enjoyable. A guilty pleasure, if slightly anemic.

"Now That We're In Love" from Whiffs

Yet another film from 1975 that apparently doesn't really exits.


Despite stiff competition from "Mahogany's Theme", the Academy sided with the Best Picture nominee. And so do I. The Oscar goes to:

that's how it oughta be

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Andrew K. said...

Umm, Walter WHAT? "How Lucky Can You Get?" gets 3 stars? Did you hear those runs? Those lyrics? The breeziness? Do over.

(I'm Easy wins, though, such a perfect song. You're absolved.)