Friday, February 2, 2018

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February Plans

Starting Sunday, we'll take a look at the cinematic year of 1982: reviews of over 60 films, a retrospective on that year's Oscars, and my personal picks. Why go back 35 years to that specific Oscar ceremony? Because...

The three films with the most nominations were a fantasy drama, a historical epic, and a socially conscious dramedy

Steven Spielberg helmed a Best Picture nominee

Two of the Best Director nominees started as actors

The frontrunner for Best Actor played a major political figure in a British-made biopic

Meryl Streep was up for Best Actress

Blade Runner disappointed at the box office but was nominated for its visuals

The best musical of the year received only one Oscar nomination

It all starts Sunday with a week's worth of capsule reviews, with Oscar talk February 12th.

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