Sunday, June 1, 2014

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Party Like It's 1953!

Tomorrow marks the true beginning of the 1953 retrospective!

This marks the 6th Retrospective on the Silver Screening Room. Previously, I've applauded the Academy's laurels for My Fair Lady; meh'd The Godfather: Part II; wept with Schindler's List; enjoyed The Sting; and celebrated my favorite film, Nashville. But 1953 offers new challenges, new discoveries, and new categories -- well, old categories, but new to me -- well, OK, not new to me since I've been well-versed in all things Oscar for years, get it.


As with the other years, I'll be covering certain Oscar categories, offering my reactions to the nominees, and sharing who I'd vote for. But because it's 1953 -- a time when color and black-and-white had equal screen time, writing credits were more complicated, and musicals were so numerous they had their own category -- we have even more categories to cover than usual. Quelle fun!

This week, we take a look at Black-and-White Art Direction-Set Decoration, Motion Picture Story, Musical Score, Supporting Actor, and Black-and-White Cinematography. The films we cover are:

The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T (score)
Above and Beyond (story)
The Band Wagon (score)
Calamity Jane (score)
Call Me Madam (score)
The Captain's Paradise (story)
The Four Poster (cinematography)
Hondo (story)
From Here to Eternity (supporting actor, cinematography)
Julius Caesar (art direction, cinematography)
Kiss Me Kate (score)
Little Fugitive (story)
Martin Luther (art direction, cinematography)
The President's Lady (art direction)
Roman Holiday (art direction, story, supporting actor, cinematography)
Shane (supporting actor)
Stalag 17 (supporting actor)
Titanic (art direction)

And if you can't wait for my posts, please -- check out the Casting Coup Week I indulged in with Andrew (Encore Entertainment) last week, where we recast the Best Picture nominees of this year -- From Here to Eternity, Julius Caesar, The Robe, Roman Holiday and Shane.

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